The Ministry of health of Russia refused from the idea to introduce fines for parents refusing to vaccinate children. Instead, the office will focus on advocacy work, reports TASS with reference to the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova on 3 October.

“Of course, we talked about the fact that there are different experiences, including punishment by ruble [for refusing vaccination]. But the fact that we can’t punish the parents through the children. This mechanism might work is not as theoretically it should work”, – said the Minister. According to her, “any restrictive measures always yield to the explanatory measures”.

The health Ministry set to “very patiently to explain, psychologically calibrated using different methods for different populations, depending on educational level, social level and so forth.” “Hopefully, this will work”, – said Skvortsova.

In mid-September it was reported about the Ministry’s initiative to limit payments to parents who do not vaccinated their children. “For example, if a child falls ill due to your fault, you refused his vaccination, can be important to the sick list you paid for not like everyone else”, – said Skvortsova.

Against this idea was made by the Commissioner for children’s rights in Russia Anna Kuznetsova. According to her, in the end, can hurt children, they will not receive proper care, if a parent decides to stay at work, not sitting at home with a son or daughter. In addition, pointed out the Ombudsman, and it is not clear how to set the parent’s fault and will be based on what the confidence of the doctor or expert of the social insurance Fund that the child is sick because of vaccinations to be done.

Categorically against vaccinations, only 5% of Russians

Interestingly, according to a survey published on 3 October on the website of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), are categorically against vaccinations are only 5% of Russians. Another 5% believe that vaccination is “probably not necessary”. To vaccinate their children or grandchildren are in General agreement 83% of the respondents.

Compulsory for children most of the respondents is immunized against tuberculosis, hepatitis B, tetanus, etc. the Most controversial was the question of flu vaccine: 46% believe that it should be done, 49% no.

Among the reasons for the refusal of vaccination, Russians often cite such arguments as “they do more harm than good” (23%), “children still get sick after vaccination” (22%), “side effects” (22%) and “immunity should be worked out independently” (18%). In addition, a portion of respondents do not trust the quality of vaccines, while others believe that the vaccine can make a child disabled. 4% of Russians believe that “we used to live and without vaccination”.

The survey was conducted September 20-22, 2017 year among 1,800 respondents. The maximum error does not exceed 2.5%.

The health Ministry decided not to punish the ruble parents who do not want to vaccinate their children 03.10.2017

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