Member of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC), journalist and social activist Maxim Shevchenko during the meeting of the Council for interethnic relations in Astrakhan, which was attended and the head of state, told Vladimir Putin about the problems of the Caucasus mountain and urged him to support the program for promotion of the Russian language in this region of the country, reports “Business Online”.

“Degradation of the education system, degradation of the social system. Still in the mountain villages the women still go to fetch water at 300-400 meters with a jug on her shoulder. It probably looks romantic, but in the winter at subzero temperatures leading to high child mortality, to disease. In many villages there is no gas. Despite the presence of the cascade of power stations that produce a very large elektroresurs, not always does, especially in the village of Dagestan”, – said Shevchenko.

He drew attention to the fact that in many villages of Dagestan, local residents still stoked their homes with firewood. “I am talking about the Russian Federation of the 21st century. We also observe the palaces of the representatives of the bureaucratic elite, which would be the envy of Dubai and amurskie sheiks. This situation is not conducive to national unity and harmony,” he added.

In addition, Shevchenko stressed that mountain regions of the Caucasus are interested in attracting teachers of Russian language, history, literature, and also the need to improve social conditions. “I think that despite the fact that someone appears to be a small peripheral region, that there was some mystery and a key to shared national unity of the country. Small sometimes is an important fastening in huge and large,” he added.

“I know that in mountainous areas, people are extremely interested in the inflow of teachers of Russian language, history and literature. This open request. Many people even at their money together and invite Russian teachers and Central Russia, so they came and taught the children the subjects in Russian language, so that children knew Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, knew Russian history”, – said Shevchenko (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

In this regard, a member of the HRC proposed to support “a focused programme for teaching Russian language and literature for the mountain regions, especially the Caucasus.” “This is a request people, this is a huge social demand”, – said Shevchenko.

Earlier, during a meeting of the Council for interethnic relations Vladimir Putin took the initiative on defining Federal authority that would be responsible for the issues of social adaptation of migrants in Russia and supported the creation of the law of the Russian nation.

The HRC called on Putin to support the program for promotion of the Russian language in mountain regions of the Caucasus 01.11.2016

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