Member of the Council on human rights Igor Kalyapin in response to the message
The Federal service for execution of punishment stating that the opposition
activist Ildar Dading “talent
torture in the Segezha colony, declared readiness
to provide the Federal penitentiary service and the Investigative Committee information confirmed
the tales of torture.

“For some reason we found people who confirmed all of what he says
Dading. If the leadership of the Federal penitentiary service or local Investigative Committee have
these people specify, we’ll do it,” said
“Interfax” Kalyapin, who following his visit to the colony in Segezha 7-8 November
the conclusion is
that there are tortured prisoners, but the evidence
The FSIN to collect does not.

He recalled that the local staff are deprived of human rights defenders possible
take pictures and record interviews with inmates,
despite what they agree. “We’d have these records in
as evidence,” he added.

According to him, such a decision could be taken by prison staff
specifically to the members of the HRC could not provide any Investigative
the Committee nor the public anything but their impressions. “As
quite a few people, seven or eight, shows that
Dading says. Apparently, they also “simulators”, – said Kalyapin.

A member of the HRC noted that when visiting the colony, saw located in
the corridor schizo street loudspeakers, confirming the possibility
of torture loud music, spoke of Dading.

“I’ve seen the subject on which Dading, presumably, hung on
handcuffs, saw the scars that were left from the handcuffs, and
located under the same angle at which the bracelets can
to leave a trace, only if the person hanging on them. On the basis of all
we made their conclusions,” he said.

After complaints on torture of prisoners of IK-7 had been beaten with the words: “can You still complain?”

Torture in the colony and, in particular, to the Dadina said
human rights activist Valery BORSHCHOV, who visited IK-7 in the framework of the Commission the HRC.
He stated this at the Sakharov center in Moscow at a press conference,
organized with the participation of the head of the movement “For human rights” Lev
Ponomareva and wife Dading Anastasia Zotova and relatives
victims and former prisoners of the colony IK-7, entitled “City
Segezha is the territory of torture.” A video posted on her
The YouTube channel of the centre.

At the conference, the mother of prisoners of Hasbulat Gazaeva and Zelimkhan
Geliskhanov told about how in IK-7, where, together with Davnym
see their sons, beat prisoners. According to Larisa
Geliskhanov, despite repeated complaints her son, no action
for the elimination of torture has not been undertaken, and after another complaint he
was beaten by members of the IR-7 with the question: “can You still complain?”
Geliskhanov reported that due to threats of rape, which
mentioned and Dading, her son tried to commit suicide.

As usual for a colony of torture as a mother, and former
the prisoners derived via video link, described the “streamers”,
hanging by the handcuffs and beatings, including blows to the soles of his feet
wooden hammer, writes “the Moscow

Women added that prison officials used a special club
for blows to the head, resulting in, as they fear their
relatives may develop epilepsy. Previously suspected it was
marked and the Dading.

Lawyer Dading explained his refusal to take a polygraph examination and have

The statement of the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service that the Dading first gave written
consent to undergo examination by polygraph and then without
explanation refused to do so, denied the lawyer of the prisoner
Alex Lipcer.

“This is a lie frankly. In our hands there is a resolution
for investigators to meet Investigative Committee of the petition
the passage of the polygraph in the presence of lawyers, respectively, we expect
now,” – said the lawyer Life.

Earlier lipcer talked about this edition of Meduza:
“The Federal penitentiary service to the polygraph is good. The check is conducted
SK, it’s their competence. Why the Federal penitentiary service spread information that the
Dading allegedly refused to be tested, I don’t know.”

He also explained why the activist refused to undergo a full examination by an independent specialist – a neurologist-epileptologist, Professor Vasily Generalova, who came to him from Moscow.

The attorney noted that the Dading didn’t know what
specialist came to him. “The arrival of the doctor was so
planned FSIN that Ildar was discouraged. They competently all
put that he didn’t know who it came if the doctor
trust. He did not refuse to be tested, he at that time
didn’t trust the doctor,” said lipcer.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the public Supervisory
Commission of the Moscow Eva Markachev said in an interview with business FMthat
inclined to believe the FSIN. According to her, the case of the Dading immediately caused her

“I’ve seen people who have suffered torture, and they have the marks of torture
did not heal and six months and a year. On Dadine nothing is
times,” she said. The second episode that led her to doubt
the testimony was a waiver of the survey: “When the doctor came through
the whole country to Karelia with the equipment, in the end, Dading refused
of the polygraph, and communicating with the doctor. I’ve seen video footage and
listened to and then told this doctor, how for four hours he went
around him, coaxing finally to be screened, talk to
him, but Dading was adamant”.

“I think the way he just attracts attention, – drew
conclusion Markachev. – The person is really hurt, hurt. And the fact,
he was behind bars, here we have the human rights community
causes resentment, because how can you put in
pickets? Especially since he is the first one – it broke
the article, in my opinion, terrible.”

Ildar Dading – Russia’s only convicted under article 212.1 after
her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. In
December 2015, he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony.
In March 2016, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

On 24 November the European Parliament at its plenary session in Strasbourg
on the observance of human rights, adopted
a resolution Ildar Dadina, demanding his immediate release
from a colony and an independent investigation of statements
of torture.

The HRC has said it is ready to call FSIN eight people, confirming the words of the Dading on torture 28.11.2016

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