Members of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Pavel Chikov and Igor Kalyapin, who arrived yesterday in the Karelian colony No. 7 in Segezha to clarify the situation with the opposition Ildar Tadinum, in late October, complained of beatings and torture, I learned about the lack of a correctional facility of video recording that could serve as a confirmation of the words of the prisoner. In addition, human rights activists reported about discovered in the hands of the convict of the possible traces of the use of violence to it. The second day in the colony, the members of the HRC are going to devote to the search of evidence and contact with other prisoners.

Chikov told the online journal “7×7″that the video made in Segezha 7 IR more than 30 days ago, destroyed. For this reason, to verify the objectivity of the complaints Dading, who told about the torture and repeated beatings with participation of the leadership of the colony, is impossible.

Employees of the IR-7 told human rights activists that all recordings made over a month ago, removed because of “expired shelf life”. “Preserved only the video of the use of physical force against Ildar. This video applied to the material is retained for two years,” said Chikov.

Recall that after the publication in the media of the letter, the Dading of the IR-7 with complaints about the application of violence by prison officers in Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) confirmed to Novaya Gazeta that the prisoner used force and special means. Representatives of the Department said that it happened 11 September, when the opposition “in a rough form refused to leave the chamber, take the position for the search, began to miss the hands of employees for uniforms”.

Members of the HRC during the meeting with Davnym found the convict on his hands the marks of handcuffs, which don’t appear normal after their use, said the night before the “Kommersant”. “Such traces can occur if the hands of the person hold down the back and then hung by his hands. Bruises and abrasions, according to him, was but two months passed,” – said the publication of pins.

Previously, the Federal penitentiary service announced that a panel of independent doctors Segezha district hospital is not found at the Dading signs of any injuries. Between the alleged beatings, which date back to the early period of the stay of the opposition in IK-7 where he in early September, was transferred from the Vologda prison, and medical inspection have passed more than a month. Members of Committee of Karelia on the results of the meeting with the prisoners reported that traces of violence left. In SK also have not confirmed the facts of torture, but the results of a study of camera footage not yet released to the public.

In addition, Dading said yesterday in conversation with the members of the HRC that he had not previously had seizures similar to epilepsy, like the one that occurred on November 2 during a meeting with members of the PMC. Conversation with a convicted human rights defenders, in total, lasted five hours. The prisoner did not say about any pressure after the publication of his letter of 7 IR.

The head of the colony, the members of the HRC, according to them, did not see. “Usually when there is such an emergency, the chiefs are back from vacation. And then the chief of a colony Sergey Gassiev was sent on leave after the scandal broke,” – said Kalyapin. Informed sources in FSIN reported that Gassiev suspended from the leadership of the colony to provide more objective investigation of the situation with Davnym.

The results of the conversation Kalyapin called for the transfer of a prisoner to another colony. “In some situations Dading believed that defends human rights, and in fact violated the conditions of detention and irritated the prison officials: they are all a manifestation of insolence, criminal tendencies,” explained the defender, noting that the opposition doesn’t want, and expressing concern that “nothing good is not over.”

On the eve Chikov said that initially the members of the colony staged a “cold meeting” to the members of the HRC, refusing to provide necessary documents to provide for inspection of the interior and to give the opportunity to talk with Davnym alone. Later the issue was resolved in favor of the defenders.

On Tuesday, the members of the HRC was planning to talk to other prisoners IK-7, which had previously stated about violence, and those who want to meet them. They also intend to study the videos and documents. The audit of the colony defenders have to make a report, which the Chairman of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov will give the President. Earlier Fedotov had already discussed with Putin the situation with the opposition. The head of state saidthat he knows about the case Davnym, and proposed to expand the possibilities of public control in places of detention.

Dading in September 2016, was transferred to the Karelian corrective colony No. 7 in Segezha. After the trip his wife Anastasia Zotova in Ahmedabad revealed that the Dading placed in a punishment cell and transferred to strict conditions of detention.

November 1 published a letter from the Dading IK-7, in which he stated about torture and humiliation in prison. According to him, violence was used on 11 and 12 September 2016. In the letter Dading also said that the prison authorities threatened to kill him if he tries to complain.

Ildar Dading remains the only convicted under article 212.1 of the criminal code after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. Earlier, the opposition was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participation in opposition rallies – four in 2014. The first consideration of the case Dadina was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony, although the prosecution had asked only for two years. March 31, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

The HRC is not found in the Segezha colony videos that would confirm the words of the Dading on torture 08.11.2016

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