The Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation published a report on the visit to penal colony No. 7 in Karelia, which contains Ildar Dading. The members of the HRC was not able to obtain objective confirmation of the fact of use of torture against convicted persons held in a correctional facility, however, they admit that prison staff systematically use force.

The document stated that the first Deputy head of the UFSIN for the Republic of Karelia Colonel Fedotov with reference to the instructions of the management refused to provide members of the HRC the ability to use voice recorders and video cameras when dealing with prisoners not given the opportunity to see some credentials the Dading, and stated that the records of video cameras and DVRs were destroyed.

“On the wrists of both hands from the side of the thumb at the Dading members of the HRC was discovered old scars oblong size of about 20 mm to 2 mm and formed from the handcuffs as the result of hanging. You should pay attention to the fact that scars are just above the bases of the thumbs and oriented at an acute angle (approximately 30 degrees) to the direction of the thumb, which indirectly confirms the version of the Dading about hanging it on the handcuffs”, – the document says.

Other interviewed inmates said that eight prisoners climbed onto the roof of a building with a poster “People who help”. Prison officials took them off and took with things. Prisoners also said that prison officials told them to remain silent about it when talking to members of the HRC. Attempts by members of the HRC to seek a meeting with the participants was not successful.

The report notes that respondents generally confirmed the convicts described Davnym the order of actions of employees of the IK-7 – beating, dipping his head in the toilet, cracks in the provision of health care premises in a punishment cell on far-fetched pretext, a cold torture.

“Judging from the issued certificate, Dading four times refused to give any explanation that looks extremely doubtful, given his personality. One of the penalties imposed for that he, being in the stage room, allegedly closed the camcorder. Dading explained that this is the same camera N14, and he closed the video camera, as toilet are not separated from it. Visual inspection by members of the HRC camera N14 established that the toilet from the camcorder do not separated. Also, the base penalty is specified a sleep in the daytime, however, it is known that in the cells of SHIZO in the daytime the bed is forcibly fastened to the walls by prison officers from the hallway. The convict is unable to independently lower the bed and lay down. Four penalties were imposed for the rude and insensitive treatment by prison staff, than it is confirmed unknown”, – stated in the report.

The “totality of the objective evidence described Davnym action against him on 11 and 12 September 2016, as well as claims about the legality of conduct of employees of the IK-7, the install failed. Videos submitted private matter not submitted. The remoteness of the events revealed the injury, with the exception of marks on both hands the Dading. Responsibility for the proper condition under the control of the authorities of persons, including convicted prisoners lies with the authorities. The inability to date to confirm or refute the testimony of the Dading, unwillingness to make submissions about the imposed penalties, reports of officers, material on the application against the Dading physical strength, his explanations on these occasions, the absence of video evidence against the administration of IK-7″, – concluded the members of the presidential Council.

The HRC also noted that the staff of IK-7 had not ensured the safety of the videos from surveillance cameras in a violation of, or deliberately concealed the video from the members of the HRC and the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation.

The report States that “the absence of effective external control by the units of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor’s office in segeza the situation in IK-7, the inefficiency and uncritical behavior of the members of the PMC of Karelia has created additional conditions for the formation of systematic violations of the right to personal integrity, freedom of conscience and religion”.

The HRC recommended transfer of Ildar of Dadida to another correctional facility, closer to family. Also in the HRC demanded to abolish the use of violence against prisoners in the premises of the SHIZO IK-7, to eliminate the practice of loud music, to carry out inspections only in the presence of convicts and enabled DVRs to provide storage of video for years, to reconsider the attitude to food of prisoners of the Muslims.

FSIN is thinking to apply for a Dading in court for libel

On the eve of the Karelian Department of the Investigative Committee announced the completion of the preliminary investigation on the complaints of the Dading and had not identified “any crimes against the convicted person”. All cases involving the Dading to disciplinary action for various violations of recognized lawful and justified, the use of physical force justified and the conditions of detention of these relevant rules.

“The issue of counter-claim by Dadina (libel) will be considered after receipt of the copy of the decision of the investigative Committee about refusal in excitation of criminal case”, – commented the decision of the TFR in the Karelian office of the Federal penitentiary service, reports “Interfax”.

Wife Dading does not expect to see him alive

After the publication of reports on the results of verification of the spouse, Dading Anastasia Zotov suggested that her husband will not be released alive. “IK-7 in Segezha is a concentration camp. To the last I will fight for her husband and for all the people they kill. To deal with the concentration camp, most likely, is useless, because we live in a country of victorious fascism. It is unlikely that I will see his lover ever. When it is clear that the Gestapo won, I’ll kill myself”, – she wrote in Facebook.

Ildar Dading – Russia’s only convicted under article 212.1 after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. In December 2015, he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony. In March 2016, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months. In November 2016 Dading publicly reported torture and beatings in the Karelian colony N7, which caused a wide public resonance.

Deputy head FSIN Valery Maksimenko has denied allegations of torture in the colony, calling the prisoner “talented imitator”. On 24 November the European Parliament at its plenary session in Strasbourg, to respect for human rights, adopted a resolution on February Dadine, demanding his immediate release from prison and an independent investigation into the allegations of torture.

The HRC published a report on the Dading – torture in the colony could not confirm nor deny 02.12.2016

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