The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary has summoned the Russian Ambassador in Budapest for talks in connection with the statements of the Russian TV host and the General Director of Agency “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev about the events of the anti-Soviet uprising of 1956, which he likened to the “color revolutions”. We are talking about the plot in the program “Vesti Nedeli”, which the Russians consider to be the best analytical transmission on the national TV, reports TASS.

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Hungary Irina Zvonova confirmed reports about the call of the Russian Ambassador to the local foreign Ministry. “The Ambassador was summoned to the Hungarian foreign Ministry, time coordinated”, she explained, confirming that this step is associated with the words Kiselyov.

In the Hungarian foreign Ministry, according to the Agency MTI, said that they intend to explain to the Ambassador that Hungary does not tolerate any disrespectful attitude to the revolution and its heroes.

The Hungarian party “can Politics be different” has urged the foreign Ministry to call the Ambassador for talks, adding that Dmitry Kiselev broadcast television program allegedly called the events of 1956, the first “color revolution”, the responsibility for which rests with the Western countries, primarily the United States.

On Sunday evening the 23rd of October on the channel “Russia 1″ was published the program of Dmitry Kiselyov “News of the week” story about the anniversary of the uprising. The initial active phase of the uprising in the show called “pogroms,” and allowed that it was in 1956 in Hungary”, and was the first friendly countries “color revolution”.

This summer, journalists and Internet users and social networks discussed clause which Dmitry Kiselev made during the evening edition of the program “Vesti Nedeli” on the channel “Russia-1″. After airing the story about the competition of military pilots “Avadart-2016″ on the ground Chauda in Feodosiya in the Crimea, Kiselyov said, moving to the next topic of the issue: “Well, let’s return to Russia.”

In may, Kiselev large disgraced because of the plot of “eurosceptics” in France, shown in his “news week” may 15: it turned out that the heroes of this story attributed the words they spoke not at all, or incorrectly interpreted or shamelessly distorted their statements. Kiselev in response to the claims of the French said: “We do sometimes miss the rough edges”.

In mid-may, Kiselev “Vesti Nedeli” admitted that on April 24 the story of the program he demonstrated under the guise of genuine fake certificate of an officer of soldier of the Ukrainian division SS “Galichina”. However, this “fake” broadcaster to apologize did not, explaining that a fake ID has allowed to discuss the crime of the Waffen SS and the “criminal role of Ukrainians, entered the service of the Waffen SS”, which is “not questioned”.

Prior to that, in April, the main theme of one of the shows “News week” was the story of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny for British intelligence MI6, and William Browder. As evidence in the broadcast cited an extremely dubious secret documents and the words of former CIA agent Valerie Plame, shortly after the story said “Rain” that does not even know the names of Navalny and Browder.

The Hungarian foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the Russian Federation because of the plot about the anti-Soviet uprising in the transfer of Dmitry Kiselyov 25.10.2016

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