The Hungarian Parliament made on Tuesday against the ban on accommodation of refugees. During the voting, the deputies rejected the bill, proposed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and proposing amendments to the Constitution of the country, reports Reuters.

Voted for the bill, the MP 131 of the 199-seat Parliament. In this case, for the adoption of the document was needed the support of one third of deputies, the 133 people, so for the approval of the initiative lacked only two votes. Opposition parties, including the far-right party “Jobbik”, boycotted the vote.

According to Reuters, rejecting the bill, the Parliament threw down a challenge to Orban. “The past today’s vote was a temporary fiasco (Orban) as well as the referendum (on EU quotas for refugees – Approx., which was declared invalid”, – quotes Agency the opinion of political analyst Robert Laszlo.

He added that the voting results can also weaken the efforts of the Orban’s anti-migration policy of the EU. “He will not be able to give it (the vote) as a success in Brussels, so there is its position will be weakened,” – said the expert. At the same time, he noted that in Hungary the failure of the amendment is unlikely to weaken the position of Prime Minister, whose party Fidesz has a strong lead in opinion polls ahead of elections in 2018.

On 2 October in Hungary held a referendum about the country’s participation in the mandatory program of distribution of refugees under the European Union. It citizens were asked to answer “Yes” or “no” to the question: “do you Want to allow the European Union to take a decision on the relocation of persons who are not citizens of Hungary to Hungary without the consent of the national Assembly (Parliament)?”

The national electoral Commission (NEC) of Hungary formally recognized the referendum invalid due to low turnout, which amounted to about 43%. At the same time after counting the votes it appeared that the vast majority of participants of the plebiscite of 98.3% (about 3.2 million) – voted against the proposed EU quota system for the distribution of refugees and only 1.7% said Yes.

After that, Orban said that it would propose to change the Constitution to a referendum was voted on. He has also previously stated intention to resign if the referendum is won by the supporters of the accommodation of refugees.

Last year Hungary faced with the rapid influx of migrants and refugees seeking to Europe. As reported in August 2015 the international organization for migration (IOM), at that time in Hungary were registered 110 thousand applications on granting refugee status. It is fifty times more than in 2012, and five times more than last year, reported the UN news center. Then, in the country daily through Serbia arrived about three thousand refugees. In September 2015 the background of the migration crisis the resignation of the Minister of defence of Hungary Csaba Hende. Last autumn, Hungary in the hope to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country built a wall on its borders with Serbia and Croatia.

Starting in 2016 the Hungarian border, crossed 17 351 illegal migrant. For the full year 2015, there were about 199 thousand From 391 thousand the submitted asylum applications (more than 177 thousand in 2016, and 22 thousand in the past) Hungary has taken a positive decision in the 264 cases reported by the Hungarian broadcaster MTVA.

July 5, 2016 in Hungary entered into force a law according to which migrants who illegally crossed the border and was apprehended within an eight-kilometer border zone, there will be no trial to go back to Croatia or Montenegro.

Nevertheless, cases of violation of the Hungarian border, migrants do not stop. So, last week in the country was detained 116 illegal border crossers. It is reported by the website of the Hungarian government, citing data from the national police. According to her, all the arrest occurred within three days – from Friday to Sunday (4-6 November). The first day was arrested 54 illegal migrants, second-and third – 32 and six, respectively.

The Hungarian Parliament rejected a bill banning to host refugees 08.11.2016

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