The interstate aviation Committee (IAC) in the anniversary
the disaster of the Russian aircraft A321 of airline “Kogalymavia”
crashed October 31, 2015 over the Sinai Peninsula,
published on its website
interim results of the investigation, which referred to “explosive decompression” onboard during the flight.

“The result of this work was defined the area of the beginning of destruction
aircraft in the air and the fact of high-energy
dynamic effects on the aircraft skin in the direction of “from the inside
out” and “explosive decompression” in flight”, – stated in
preliminary findings of the Commission of inquiry.

Analysis of the results of the work performed continues. The selected fragments
the aircraft design for further research. To this
the time the Commission gathered and analyzed information about the crew, about
maintenance of aircraft, aviation equipment in recent and previous

The participants in the investigation, conducted with the participation of specialists
The interstate aviation Committee, France, Germany, Ireland
and the United States, conveyed to the Egyptian authorities with all necessary information about the flight
the activities of the crew and the airline, technical condition of air
vessel, aircraft design and engines. During the field phase
investigation the scheme was made of the spread of design elements for
location (kroki).

The crash of the airliner A321 of airline “Kogalymavia”, flying from
Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg, all aboard 224
people, among whom were the residents of Leningrad region were killed.
The responsibility for the plane crash took
banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic
state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH).
The militants said that in this way took revenge for airstrikes in Russia

Two weeks after the tragedy the Russian authorities qualified
a catastrophe like a terrorist attack. The cause of the crash was named as the bombing at
Board the ship. Egyptian leadership recognized
the fact of the attack is only at the end of February 2016, after almost three months
after the disaster.

After the terrorist attack aboard an A321 for the Russian side
flights between Russia and Egypt was interrupted.
Flights still not being implemented. To resume flights planned,
when Egypt completely carry out a complex of measures to ensure
security at their airports.

The IAC has published the conclusion that “explosive decompression” on Board crashed on mount Sinai plane “Kogalymavia” 01.11.2016

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