Banned terrorist group “Islamic state” has confirmed the death of his information Minister Wael Adil Hassan Salman al-Fayyad, also known as Abu Mohammed al-Furqan, reports Reuters.

Earlier, the Pentagon reported that al-Furqan was killed by us air strike in the Syrian province of raqqa last month.

Confirmation of his death were published by the militants on the Internet. While the statement did not specify how and where al-Furqan, was killed.

In the “Islamic state” al-Furqan called Minister of information, who oversaw the work of propaganda. He was also a representative of the Shura, the highest deliberative body of the IG, which includes spiritual and secular leaders of the movement.

According to the Pentagon, airstrike that killed al-Furqan, was produced on 7 September near raqqa province, which is in fact the capital of ISIS. The gunman at the time was riding a motorcycle near his home.

Note that shortly before it was liquidated one of the leaders of the IG, the main promoter of the group, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani. He worked on the development of foreign terrorist operations.

Responsibility for his murder almost simultaneously took both Russia and the United States. The Pentagon called the statement of the defense Ministry on this account, “joke”, noting that the airstrike was inflicted on US on 30 August near the town of al-Bab. In Moscow, however, continued to assert that al-Adnani was killed along with 40 militants in Aleppo during the attacks of the Russian bomber su-34.

The IG confirmed the death of its Minister of information 11.10.2016

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