The international monetary Fund has suggested to hold in Russia the pension reform, increasing the age of retirement to protect the labor market from the negative demographic trends. This is stated in the concluding statement at the end of the mission, IMF staff 2017, published on the website of the IMF on Friday, may 19.

The statement said that the pension reform that the legislature raising the age of retirement, “to mitigate the impact of negative demographic trends on the labour market”.

Reports video News Service, about the need for pension reform, said during a press conference the head of the IMF mission in Russia, Ernesto Ramirez Rigo.

Russia, he said, “it is necessary to accelerate structural reforms” and to pursue an economic policy in line with the country’s integration in global production chains.

It is expected that the largest number of pensioners relative to people of working age in Russia will be in 2030-ies.

According to the forecast of Rosstat, the population in Russia in 2030 will be 147,9 million people in a decade will be reduced in 2031 in Russia will live 147,7 million by 2032 – a 147.6 million by 2033 – 147,4 million by 2034 – 147.3 million, by 2035 – 147,1 million by 2036 – 146.9 million people.

The working-age population, according to Rosstat forecast, in 2030-ies will decrease: in 2030 Russia will be 79 million people (53,4% of the total population) by 2036, the number of able-bodied citizens will be reduced to 78,7 million (53.6 per cent). The number of citizens of retirement age will grow: in 2030, or 41.2 million people (27,9%) in 2036 – 42.6 million people (29%).
Center for strategic research (CSR) under the direction of Alexei Kudrin has developed for President Vladimir Putin’s “Strategy-2035″, which States that the amount of pension provides only a minimal standard of survival, so you need to reduce the number of pensioners by raising the retirement age.

The strategy proposes to provide an acceptable standard of living for pensioners and stop the decline in real pensions, which you need to raise the retirement age to 63 years for women and 65 years for men. Through this measure, the number of pensioners will decline by 9%, or by 3.87 million people and will be 38,52 million people.

The head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan said RIA “Novosti”that the proposal is unlikely to be soon implemented, and the savings from this “radical solution” is questionable. In the first place, he said, should not be the economic parameters of the pension reform, life expectancy, and active age Russians.

Earlier Kudrin repeatedly spoke about raising the age of retirement, indicating that in this case, using 10-16 years Russia will be able to accumulate a substantial economic resource. Among the critics of the idea was the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, who believesthat this will not solve any problem of the budget deficit of the Pension Fund or social problems.

Now the retirement age in Russia is 55 for women and 60 for men. In may 2016 was signed the law, which came into force on 1 January 2017 and gradually increasing the retirement age of officials of state and municipal employees to 65 and 63 years for men and women respectively.

The IMF mission in Russia, has recommended to raise the retirement age 19.05.2017

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