Oil revenues is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL or DAYS) decreased by 30% as a result of airstrikes of the international coalition led by the United States, Reuters reports, citing a representative of the coalition of Colonel Steven Warren.

According to him, from October 2015, oil production in areas controlled by ISIS dropped to 34 thousand barrels per day, whereas before the strikes of the coalition on oil installations Islamists produced approximately 45 thousand barrels per day.

The income of the “Islamic state” from the sale of oil until October of last year was approximately $ 47 million in the month. Since that time, according to Warren, coalition aircraft struck 65 Aidarov on oil installations ISIS.

Also, the American military said that by December 2015 the coalition forces managed to destroy about 2.5 thousand fighters. According to Warren, is currently in Syria and Iraq may be up to 30 thousand Islamists. “We’re taking back their territory, kill their leaders, but also hit on their pocket”, – quotes the Colonel of RIA “news”.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the Iraqi air force destroyed one of the leaders of the “Islamic state”, who was called the “Minister for war” grouping, reports “Interfax” with reference to the local media. Samer al-Mahlawi and one of his aides were killed in the airstrike inflicted the day before at terrorist base near the town of Barwana, which is located 200 km Northwest of Baghdad.

It is worth Recalling that on 5 January the United States announced: thanks to the efforts of the international antiterrorist coalition “Islamic state” has lost control over 40% of its territory in Iraq and 20% in Syria by the end of 2015. “If you take the overall Iraq and Syria, they have lost 30% of territories that were once controlled,” said Steven Warren.

Earlier U.S. officials and military analysts acknowledged the success of the military operations of Russia in Syria, aimed at destroying terrorists, which has lasted more than three months.

It should be added that the Russian military also strike at oil installations ISIS. In the defense Ministry, reporting in late December last year, saidthat one of the main tasks of Russian aviation is to prevent terrorists from transporting crude oil. For example, according to representatives of the defense Ministry, the Russian aircraft destroyed since the beginning of operation in Syria about two thousand of the tank IG. Also destroyed were the new facilities for the extraction and processing of oil.

“Over the last week have been destroyed 37 facilities for the extraction and processing of oil used by terrorists, and 17 columns of Nalivayko carrying petroleum products,” – said the head of the Main operational Directorate of the General staff of VS Russian Federation Lieutenant General Sergey rudskoy.

In late December, analysts at the American research Institute has prepared Stratfor geopolitical forecast for 2016. In the document, in particular, stated that the terrorist “state”, formed on the captured in Iraq and Syria territories in 2015, suffered heavy losses. However, ISIS is unlikely to lose, weakening his armed forces can contribute to the proliferation of terrorist attacks in Europe and throughout the middle East.

The income of the terrorists of the “Islamic state” from the sale of oil decreased by 30%, stated in U.S. 07.01.2016

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