A resident of the city of Miass in the Chelyabinsk region in the court had sought compensation from the “Mail of Russia” in connection with the fact that she sent the parcel was delivered to the addressee only after 130 days.

In November 2015, the woman sent the parcel with gifts for the New year to their relatives living in Australia. However, the parcel was more than four months, and its contents became more of a gift on March 8, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda-Chelyabinsk”.

The assume that the BD filed in miasskiy city court, which fully satisfied her claim. “Mail of Russia” was obliged to pay a penalty of 3,300 rubles for violation of terms of delivery plus a fine for what the postal service refused to pay damages in the amount of 2,200 rubles, and another thousand for moral damage, said the court.

In the “Mail of Russia” claim that they detained the parcel only four days, and the fault of otpravitelya – the package was items not permitted for air transport. “In the end I had to take her to Australia in another way – first land, then sea, – has told a press-the Secretary of management of Federal postal communications of the Chelyabinsk region Anna Hlystun. But this is not our fault”.

I’ve had worse

However, in this case a parcel is to eventually even reached the destination safe and sound. There is also another way. So, last winter “Mail of Russia” is committed to deliver from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad in six days the parcel with a liter jar of red caviar and sweets. But in the end the parcel traveled for almost a month and the recipient when opening found inside only a-liter plastic water bottle. Thus for the speed of delivery from the sender took the extra 800 rubles.

In 2013, instead sent from Moscow Apple iPhone 5 “Mail of Russia” delivered to Rostov-on-don, a parcel with a pile of stones. Failing to get a response from the post of state-owned enterprises, assume that the BD of the parcel appealed to the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. In the end, “Mail of Russia” has paid compensation in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

At the end of last summer in Zabaykalsky Krai found in the woods a heap of letters and papers which the postman was thrown, by not delivering to addressees. A similar case was in Moscow in the autumn of 2013, when in Bitsa Park found the bag of discarded and poluabsorbtion letters.

In April 2013, after a series of scandals with congestion in the capital’s airports, hundreds of tons of overseas parcels awaiting customs clearance, the government has replaced the leadership of “Mail of Russia”.

The inhabitant of Miass has won court against slow “Mail of Russia” to deliver her care package 130 days 03.11.2016

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