Inhabitant Belogorska of the Amur region had to prove that he is alive to restore the payment of pensions. Money men stopped paying two months ago. He asked for clarification to the regional office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and was surprised to learn that the documents he died.

The retiree had to restore their rights through the courts, as in the PF without a court decision could not resume the accrual of pension. However, upon entering the position of the man, the Foundation staff asked belogorskogo city court to review the case for reinstatement of the citizen in an expeditious manner, according to “the”.

The hearing took place the day before. The court, having considered the civil case at the request Belolipetskii In .L. cancellation of record of the certificate of death, met him, said on the website of the court.

The inspection revealed that in September the Department of the Registrar on Belogorsku and Belogorsky area received information about registering the death of a man in connection with the management PF the payment of the pension Belolipetskii was discontinued.

As it turned out, in September a friend of the pensioner asked for his military ID and medical insurance for treatment in the hospital due to poor health, since he had the necessary documents were not. Male friend took pity and gave him their documents. But in the hospital he died and was buried under the name Belolipetskii.

According Deita.ruthe friend of the pensioner was suffering from cancer. According to the Agency, documents friend a resident of Belogorsk is not transmitted consciously, “after a great party”.

The police understand all the circumstances of the case, but to restore the status of a person staying alive could only court.

“Given that the applicant belolipetskii V. L. is a pensioner and the pension is the only source of income, the court found grounds to appeal the court’s decision to immediate execution”, – stated in the message of the court.

As a result, the pension of an elderly man was recovered. The money the man will get with the two missed months, assured in a press-service of regional office of PF.

Note that this is not the first such case. In may, a resident of Kemerovo, which is more than three years ago by mistake was officially pronounced dead, with prosecutors and the court also failed to provethat he is alive. For several years men have had problems with medical services and employment, he said that officially he is dead. It was established in late 2012 in Kemerovo, a man died with the same surname, name and patronymic, born in the same year as the applicant. Differed only day and month of birth.

In 2014 the resident of Kopeysk of the Chelyabinsk region Vladimir Gusev also had a court to prove that he’s not dead. As it turned out, the witnesses identified the dead man Guseva, made a mistake and he was buried the other man. But in the official bodies for several years Gusev was listed as deceased.

The inhabitant of the Amur region in the court proved to the Pension Fund that he is not dead 06.12.2016

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