A resident of Voronezh Evgenie Kravtsov plans to change the name after calls from collectors for unpaid credit his full namesake of the city of Boguchar. It turned out that the men are the same, even the date of birth. Namesake, in turn, said that he received someone else’s tax notice from Voronezh, reports Life.ru.

In April this year 42-year-old private entrepreneur from Voronezh Evgeny Kravtsov began to call the collectors and to receive SMS messages reminding them of payments owed on the loan. The amount called collectors, was about 100 thousand rubles. Eugene, no credit has been taken. He went to the Bank, where he was told that it was a mistake.

As reported by RIA “Novosti”recently Kravtsov received an SMS about the cancellation of his account, about 500 rubles for traffic fines. But he has no car. And on 13 October Kravtsov from Voronezh called Kravtsov from Sochi. And told that he had a few years ago stole a man purse with documents, and when he restored them, he entered the INN Voronezh.

Kravtsov told Bogucharskiy, Voronezh namesake, as he received notice about having to pay the tax for housing in Voronezh, which it is not. To solve the issue male failed, after turning in tax.

Their loans are definitely Kravtsov explained that his dead father and sister, and needed money for the funeral. He said he’s already making payments and the collectors don’t bother, marks RIA “news”.

Kravtsov from Voronezh decided after this story or completely change the name or make a double.

The inhabitant of Voronezh has decided to change the name because of debts full namesake 14.10.2016

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