The Ministry of internal Affairs conducts official investigation in
the fact of infection of computers of the office with a virus-extortionist. On Tuesday, may 16, reported “Interfax” the first Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy.

“Indeed, the number of personal cars of officers
the interior was subject to a virus attack. By order of the Minister
of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva, this fact is
service check,” said Gorovoy.

As explained the Deputy Minister, the fact of infecting computers – “the investigation of subjective violations of our staff rules regarding the use of information systems”. He assured that the internal network of the Ministry of interior is reliably protected from external influences.

According to the interior Ministry, the epidemic of personal computers
employees of the Ministry was “trying to join the service
computer to the Internet through one or another mechanism.”

According to Gorovoy, “all precautionary and preventive measures to inform personnel of the need to exclude similar facts held with a rather hard promises”. He reiterated that all the internal information resources of the Ministry of interior “inaccessible to external influence”.

Large-scale hacker attack was held in the afternoon of 12 may. Virus WannaCry started disabling computers and demand a ransom to return them to normal operation.

Initially it was reported that the virus had infected computers in hospitals the UK, he then began to spread to other countries. According to “Kaspersky Lab”, by the evening, the virus had affected computers in 74 countries, including Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, China, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Italy, India, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Thailand. Later at Europol reportedthat the actions of hackers has suffered at least 150 countries.

Among the States affected was Russia. It was noted that a cyber attack affected at least the company “MegaFon” and the network of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The interior Ministry initially denied the fact of defeat, but then confirmed the information.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on yesterday during a press conference in Beijing after his visit to China cyber attacks, saidthat the source of the malware is now the US intelligence services. Suspicions of Russian involvement in the emergence of the virus the head of state denied. “Russia is completely innocent. I’m surprised to hear in these circumstances is something else,” he said.

The interior Ministry began checking on the fact of infecting employees ‘ computers with a virus-extortioner 16.05.2017

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