The interior Ministry stopped the criminal investigation into the attack on the camp activists of the Russian branch of Greenpeace and fire volunteers in the Krasnodar region, which occurred September 9, 2016, according to RBC with reference to the disposal of the investigator of the interior Ministry in Primorsko-Akhtarskiy district.

Investigation suspended by an order dated April 28, due to the fact that the police did not find attackers at the base of ecologists, a copy of the document is in the possession of the company. The lawyer Alexander Popkov, who represents the interests of the victims, said that the materials of two criminal cases have been lost, and the main examination was not conducted.

On the night of September 9, 2016, unknown assailants attacked the camp of environmentalists and volunteers who came to fight forest fires in the Krasnodar region. “We stopped for the night on the grounds of one of the volunteers. It happened at about midnight. The attackers climbed over the fence and began to smash. They had batons, knives, guns. Beat machine, cut of wheel, cut of the tents, beat people,” said the head of Greenpeace fire project Gregory Kuksin. One of the attackers threw stun grenades.
Specialist on environmental legislation Michael Kreindlin broke his nose, it’s possible he had a concussion. Have a volunteer from Zabaykalsky Krai Andrey Polomoshnova had a suspected fractured ribs.

Kusina, he said, promised to shoot, and the gate of the site wrote “There Pindos”. “They said that if we get out of here until morning, then we’re going to find that we were removed “in America,” said the head of the fire project.

In the regional police Department reported the initiation of three criminal cases about theft, murder threats and intentional infliction of bodily harm (article 158, 119, 115 UK). However, after eight months of investigation has not moved forward. In its ruling on the case, the victim which is Kuksin, stated that to identify the person that sent weapons to be an ecologist, failed.

Documents on two other cases, according to the lawyer Popkov, and even lost.
According to him, in March, the interior Ministry transferred to the Prosecutor’s office decision to discontinue the inquiry in the articles about the theft or the infliction of harm to health, but it is unknown what happened to them then: the documents can’t find the investigator, but prosecutors.
In addition, the police divided the group attack for a few episodes: a separate investigation was got for a damaged tent. Popkov opposed such “smearing” of criminal cases, which defeats the motive is to get the environmentalists to stop their activities.

“During the investigation, was not even appointed it is judicial-medical examination of the broken nose Kreindlin. [The police] never got the billing of the phones, although granted my February request to that effect. In addition, the investigator took out the resolution on refusal in excitation of business upon application to the gate of the base the inscription “Here Pindos” – said Popkov.

The interior Ministry has not found the attackers at the camp Greenpeace in the Kuban and lost documents in criminal cases 19.05.2017

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