Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Monday congratulated the Jewish community around the world with the Jewish New year. For followers of Judaism, he came in the evening of 13 September and will be celebrated for two days. This was announced today by the Iranian channel “Press TV”.

“Let our common roots of the Abrahamic religions will contribute to the deepening of mutual respect, peace and understanding” – leads TASS words of congratulations, which the Iranian President wrote on his page in the network.

The message ends with the phrase in Hebrew, which translates as “Let this be a good year.”

According to official statistics, reported today in this regard, the TV channel “Press TV”, currently in Iran, there are 9 thousand Jews, mainly in the cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. In Tehran there is a synagogue Yusefabad. In the current Constitution, Iranian Jews have one seat in the Majlis (Parliament).

Israel and Iran have never had and do not have diplomatic relations, but for more than 30 years after the formation of the state of Israel (1948), both countries maintained close economic and military ties. In March 1950, Iran de facto recognized the State of Israel and opened its Consulate, which lasted one year. Before the Islamic revolution of 1979 in Iran had Asia’s largest Jewish community – to 100 thousand people. February 12, 1979, the day after the overthrow of the monarchy, the provisional government of Mehdi Bazargan announced the termination of all relations with Israel, all Israeli representatives were asked to leave the country. In connection with active anti-Israel policies of the Iranian leadership since 1979, the majority of Iranian Jews left the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Iranian President congratulated the Jews all over the world with a New year on the Jewish calendar 14.09.2015

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