The Iraqi army began an offensive operation on the liberation from the terrorists of the “Islamic state”* of the city of All-afar – the last large settlement, which is controlled by extremist in this country. It is reported by the BBC.

About the beginning of the offensive, declared the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider
al-Abadi. He said that the militants of the IG* “to surrender or
to die.”

Together with the Iraqi army in the liberation of tal afar take part Shiite militia fighters and Kurdish forces “Peshmerga”, says DW.

According to the Iraqi military in tal afar left from half to two thousand fighters.

Earlier this week, the Iraqi air force began strikes on the positions of the IG*
near this village, reminds “Interfax”.

Tall afar, where before the capture of the militants lived about 200 thousand people, has repeatedly become a field of clashes between Sunnis and Shiites in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion in 2003. The city is under the control of the IG*.

*”The Islamic state” – ISIS, ISIL is not a terrorist organization

The Iraqi army began to liberate from ISIS in tal afar – the last major town under the control of terrorists 20.08.2017

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