The Minister of transport of Iraq, Qasim, Finjan during his visit to the province of DHI QAR in the South, made a strange statement. He stumped the audience at a press conference of journalists, saying that the representatives of ancient people – the Sumerians – flew into space, reports NEWSru Israel.

According to him, the first in the history of mankind, the airports were not built in the XX century, but much earlier: they were built by the ancient Sumerians some seven thousand years ago. They were located in the cities of Ur and Eridu, sure, Finjan, and was also used for spaceflight, such as on Pluto.

The Minister’s words confused and surprised the experts on the ancient history of the Middle East. However, at a press conference Finjan no one said journalists did not dare to contradict a senior official.

In Russia, too, there are politicians that advocate alternative points of view in science and history. In 2010, for example, the former head of Kalmykia told about the existence of UFOs and aliens. 26 APR 2010 he was the guest of the program “Pozner”, coming on the First channel. In the air all over the country Ilyumzhinov announced that he even managed to fly in a UFO.

But he, of course, the ship didn’t run, he was abducted by aliens. Or rather, not kidnapped, and offered to ride in the galaxy. The President of Kalmykia has accepted the proposal and in flight talked with aliens. It happened September 18, 1997, and flew it from Moscow.

After the speech, Ilyumzhinov on TV, the representatives of the liberal democratic party jokingly tried to pay attention who was then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the possible leak of classified material, suggesting that the FAS could take humanoids some important information.

The Iraqi Minister has puzzled researchers a statement about flying in space ancient Sumerians 05.10.2016

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