Employees of the Federal tax service (FTS) has admitted error in a situation with a resident of Yekaterinburg, who have been paying extra taxes for his full namesake. Reports URA.ruwithin a few years from the accounts of the pensioner Natalia Skipovoj were forced to write off the money.

“Overcharged amount will be refunded to the taxpayer in the appeal”, – stressed in the FTS. She Skripov confirmed: “apologized to me personally by the head of the Kirov inspection. I wrote a statement about the return of the money.” Tax authorities have responded to the situation only when this was written in the press.

In 2013 Natalia Skipovoj received a notice about the need to pay vehicle tax by three cars and an apartment in the Kirov district of Yekaterinburg. However, the woman should not have to pay taxes: it didn’t have a car and it had the status of a pensioner. She has also lived in the Oktyabrsky district.

Skripov has addressed in the Kirov district, where the error altered the data. “The inspection is not fully conducted an analysis of information on taxpayers 1952 and 1980 birth. The result was one of the persons was cancelled and account data are merged into one,” explained the staff of the regional tax office. As a result, these tax Kirov went to the bailiffs who cheated money unconditionally from the accounts of women.

“Currently the information resources of the tax authorities information about the taxpayer and property belonging to it correspond to reality. The overpaid amount 3854 ruble will be returned. 11 Oct Natalia wrote the application, the money is returned to her within ten days,” – said in FNS.

The IRS notes that to identify these rare errors is possible only “upon application of the taxpayer”. If you find any problems or doubts related to the accrual of taxes on dented to address in territorial departments, in the management of FNS in the region personally, by mail or through the website.

A similar story happened in Voronezh. Citizen Evgeny Kravtsov after calls from collectors for unpaid credit his full namesake of the city Boguchar even decided to change the name. It turned out that the men are the same, even the date of birth. Bogucharskiy Kravtsov, in turn, told the Voronezh namesake, as he received notice about having to pay the tax for housing in Voronezh, which it is not. To resolve the issue after failed appeals to the tax.

The IRS will return the pensioner from Ekaterinburg paid its taxes for its full namesake 17.10.2016

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