Residents of the village Khuzhir on Olkhon island, which is one of the most popular places for tourists on the lake, trying to maintain medical services in the only local hospital, and in this regard began collecting signatures for a petition on the website Sapega.

“New ideas for the reorganization of the medical service shocked people, – is spoken in the address addressed to Minister of health of Irkutsk region and regional Commissioner for human rights. – The hospitals are planning to remove, but the technician that did only basic tests – they are not assigned to treatment, reduced. Instead, promise equipped to provide medical care car. But only for the summer tourist season. And drive a hundred kilometers to the mainland.”

Under these conditions, given the bad roads and the difficulties with the crossing to the mainland due to frequent storms, “medical care, guaranteed by the Constitution, is not available to residents of Olkhon island”, said the authors of the petition.

At the gathering may 1 “the islanders” have spoken out against plans to close a night hospital and laboratory in Khuzhirskiy local hospital, reported “Baikal info”. At this meeting the chief doctor of the Olkhon district hospital said that in Khuzhir will be only outpatient and you will be hospitalized in the hospital, located on the “mainland”.

People at the gathering pointed out that elderly residents from across the island will be uncomfortable and troublesome daily commute to be treated in a day hospital, also in this case, they would have at their own expense to buy medicines. It is also assumed that due to the closure of the laboratory analyses will begin to carry from the island to the mainland only once a week.

As compensation for the island from 1 June to 30 September 2017 it is planned to open a non-mobile item of emergency medical services, said the regional Ministry of health. The Ministry said that after the withdrawal of the population on the closing night hospital in Khuzhirskiy the hospital will be discussed – at least until the fall it will work, but the lab will likely have to close because of the inability to contain the specialist equipment and the required level.

On this island reside 1670 people, and here in the summer is at the same time about five thousand tourists, who also get sick, get injured or require medical assistance, according to the publication.

The islanders on lake Baikal with the help of the Internet are trying to save the only hospital 17.05.2017

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