Israeli security services have prevented the kidnapping of a soldier, arresting four residents of the Gaza strip and the Negev, also prepared the attack in the hall of “Narnia”, where he worked as a waiter one of the suspects, reports NEWSru Israel.

Journalists clarify that only the October 20 local authorities have allowed the media to publish information about the arrest of the criminals, although the detention of the men was held in September.

During interrogation, the detainees admitted his guilt and said that he acted on the instructions of the leadership of the terrorist organization “Islamic Jihad” in Gaza. According to the investigation, the group rented the apartment in which you were going first time to hold a hostage.

It is reported that Islamic Jihad sought to kidnap IDF soldier with a view to its subsequent exchange for terrorists held in Israeli prisons. In addition, according to the investigation, members of the terrorist group was preparing a terrorist attack in be’er SHEVS’ke hall of “Narnia”, where he worked as a waiter one of the detainees.

From the indictment, filed in the district court of be’er-Sheva, it follows that the terrorists had intended to throw grenades visitors to the hall of festivities during a massive party, and then open fire on people with automatic weapons. This attack was planned in such a way as to achieve maximum casualties.

“This case demonstrates once again the attempts by Gaza-based terrorists to organize deadly terrorist attacks in Israel in addition to their activities in the sector. It also shows how the terrorists use the humanitarian and economic rationale for permits to enter Israel,” reads the statement by the Israeli anti-terrorist intelligence services the Shin bet (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

The Israeli intelligence prevented a terrorist act in the hall of festivities during a mass party 21.10.2016

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