On the International space station until the second half of 2018 will work shortened the Russian crew, reports “Interfax”. The presence of the whole should be restored after running the module “Science”, about the middle of the year.

A source at the cosmodrome Baikonur, the Agency said: “Now the Russian space Agency is scheduling the launch for 2017, the company developed the Manifesto launches of the start of the module moved to the middle – second half of 2018. In this regard, the “shortened”
Russian ISS crew will work at the station, at least until
mid-2018 year, and, consequently, on the ship “Soyuz MS-08″ (start
scheduled for March 2018, the year) kicks off two crew members – one
Russians and one foreigner.”

The reduction will take place in spring 2017, the year: on the ship “Soyuz MS-04″ (scheduled to start March 27) will be one representative of Russia, and not two as it was planned back in the summer. One Russian will be in the “Soyuz MS-06,” which will launch in late summer or September 2017.

The reduction was justified by the fact that there are delays with the launch
the multipurpose laboratory module “Science”, and because of this
the astronauts aboard the station are not loaded experiments.

The “regular” crew of the ISS in the years consisted of 6 persons: there were three Russian cosmonauts and three astronauts. A limit of 6 people
is imposed by the capacity of the Soyuz spacecraft, which act as lifeboats in case of an accident at the station. To maintain the crew of 6 people needed on a single spacecraft “Soyuz” was launched to the station, the two Russians and one foreigner, and
next – one Russian and two foreigners. The Russians on the Soyuz spacecraft
should be required, as it controls its flight. USA pay contract for the delivery of its astronauts to the ISS using the “Soyuz”, but they are actively working to create its own manned spacecraft.

“Probably, Roscosmos will try to sell vacant seats
space agencies of other countries and space tourists,” not
eliminates the Agency. Now place in the “Soyuz” and a ten-day stay aboard the station cost space tourists about $ 52 million.

The ISS in the spring of 2017 will reduce the Russian crew 06.11.2016

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