Before adopting the law on the Russian nation, it is necessary to learn opinion of citizens on this issue by holding a national referendum, said the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova. “The key word for people, I think it is a matter for a referendum,” she told reporters on 9 November.

“We need to hold broad public hearings, public opinion monitoring, to see how this relates to people”, – quotes its “Interfax”. The Ombudsman noted that the idea of the Russian nation attractive at first glance, however it is not necessary to associate it with one people, even the titular nation, because “it may offend other Nations, nationalities, nationality”.

Moskalkova was reminded that the question about the common people arose in the Soviet times, “in order to evade the national question”. Earlier, the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov proposed bill on the Russian nation to prescribe that “the constituent peoples is the Russian people,” said TASS.

31 October meeting of Council for interethnic relations, chaired by President Vladimir Putin in Astrakhan, head of the Department of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration Vyacheslav Mikhailov proposed the law of the Russian nation and the management of ethnic relations, which should absorb all the innovations related to interethnic relations.

“A good proposal – endorsed Putin. But what exactly is absolutely possible and necessary to implement it is right on that we need to think in practical terms, start to work, is the law of the Russian nation.”

According to the President, such a law can grow a strategy for the development of national relations in Russia: “Our strategy, which we have developed, and to transform – but it needs work too.”

4 November the head of the Duma Committee on nationalities Ildar Gilmutdinov reported that the Committee has begun to develop the concept of the bill on the Russian nation.

“The President has put before us a serious challenge to forming the law of the Russian nation, while talking about some contents of the law, there is probably no need, we are just at the stage of consultations with the expert groups, with colleagues that are in this thread, to understand, to make some terms of reference which would define what we want, what it is, to what extent it will be, what will be the content,” – said the MP reporters.

The issue with the law of the Russian nation should be addressed in the referendum, said Moskalkova 09.11.2016

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