The Italian court of cassation reduced the sentence of a 57-year-old Andrea Talpes, who was convicted of killing adopted son of the Moldavian origin. In its decision, the Italian court was guided by the fact that the killer and his victim was not the biological close relatives, writes The Local.

Talpiot sentenced to 16 years imprisonment with the right of subsequent parole. Earlier this year the European court of human rights ordered the Italian government to pay the convicted wife Andrea Talipia 40 thousand euros in compensation. The international court of justice concluded that the police could not provide protection to victims, although repeatedly received the signal about domestic violence. On aggressive behavior Andrea complained his wife.

As appears from criminal case materials, on November 26, 2013 in Remanzacco (province of Udine) Andrea Tales during an argument with 42-year-old wife stabbed her knife wounds. The woman tried to protect her 19-year-old son ion, is a native of Moldova. However, Tales struck a kitchen knife and his, writes Il Fatto Quotidiano. A young native of the former Soviet Union died of his wounds, and his mother survived.

It is established that earlier the family tyrant was beating his wife and daughter, and threatened with a knife forced the spouse to engage in sexual contact with his buddies. Once a woman escaped from her husband and spent three months hiding in a special shelter, organized for victims of domestic violence. But then the victim had to return to the family “because of lack of space and resources” in the rehabilitation center.

In the night when the tragedy occurred, a woman once complained to the police on her husband, with whom she had a quarrel. Andrea was taken to hospital in a state of intoxication and then released. 2:25 the guards again stopped Talipia that drunk walking the streets. Man fined after an identity check, go home. After 2.5 hours Andrea stabbed his son.

After the massacre, the man came outside and asked the guards to call an ambulance. He immediately confessed to the murder of his son, but said that to blame his mother.

In 2014, Talipia for murder and attempted murder was sentenced to life term imprisonment. This sentence in 2016 confirmed the court of appeal of Trieste. However, the high court in person the court of Cassation of Italy, considered the sentence too harsh.

The court emphasized that the deceased young man was adopted by Andrea Telecom when visiting Moldova. And the penal code lists aggravating circumstances in which prescribed a life sentence of imprisonment, only the murder of a man with a close biological kinship.

Lawyers believe that the conflict arose from-for imperfections of the legislation. The fact that the civil code, which are guided in the management of family and inheritance disputes, makes no distinction between natural and adopted children, but in criminal law of Italy, this difference is present.

The Italian escaped a life sentence because it was not killed by his own son, and foster, a native of Moldova 29.09.2017

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