30-year-old Sri Lankan national was arrested while trying to leave the United Arab Emirates. The police have had questions for him in connection with the death of his wife. After his arrest, the man was finally able to speak out and to restore the sequence of tragic events.

As it turned out, he was in Sri Lanka and drew attention to the fact that his wife began to behave differently. On her page on the social network, he discovered that the woman is photographed with some unknown man.

A jealous husband immediately flew to Dubai without informing his wife. He settled in the hotel and arranged shadowing, deciding to take revenge on the cheater and her lover. In the end, the man was caught a couple in a piquant situation and doused both acid. From chemical burns, 25-year-old woman died. Her partner, who is 23 years old, is in intensive care, doctors are fighting for his life, writes NEWSru Israel.

Detainee charged with first-degree murder.

The jealous man was tracked down in Dubai wife with her lover and poured both acid 04.10.2017

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