The evening of October 4, Jews will celebrate Sukkot to commemorate the 40-year wanderings of the Jews through the desert after the Exodus from Egypt when they lived in tents and huts, transfers “Interfax-Religion”.

During Sukkot, the celebration of which lasts for a week, Jews traditionally eat and spend time, and when the weather is nice and spend the night in advance of-built hut (the sukkah).

Sukkot is very rich in commandments. The most striking of these is the commandment of the four kinds of plants and the commandment of sitting in a tent, reminiscent of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC).

Congratulating the Jews of Russia on the occasion, the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard recalled the words of the Jewish sages that “one commandment leads to another”. “As you know, the holiday of Sukkot follows Yom Kippur, day of atonement, and it is customary to build a sukkah immediately at the end of the day to be able to lay its foundations are a special blessing of the Almighty, from the day before”, – he said.

Beard also reminded that the special commandments of the holiday – “it’s the joy and fun, and there are several reasons: we thank God for his generosity, which has enabled us to gather a rich harvest, and enjoy “good press” which was sealed our entry in the Book of Life.”

The President of the FJC wished that all week in booths of the Jews was joy and comfort and that “this ease, the state of special spiritual harmony” did not leave them after the holidays.

As for the hut in which Jews spend a festive week, when it is built must comply with a number of criteria that it was kosher. The important point is the roof, through holes in which to see the stars. Moving for a week of holidays in this temporary dwelling, the Jews acknowledge the supremacy of the Creator and claim that everything in the world depends on His will.

The agricultural aspect of the holiday has two explanations: the Jews thank God for the harvest of the fruit and for the fruit of spiritual work on ourselves.

Sukkot is one of three feasts that every Jew was obliged to visit the Temple in Jerusalem, where they offered holiday sacrifices corresponding to that day. During the existence of the Temple on Sukkot sacrificed 70 bulls for the number of the peoples of the earth. The purpose of these sacrifices was to atone for the sins of all mankind.

A holiday is always a joyful and lively atmosphere for a festive meal are invited not only relatives, but even unfamiliar people, and this is especially important for those who need friendship and moral support.

Another attribute of the holiday is the arbaa minim – the “four species of plants”: during the morning prayer meetings each picks up a branch of a date palm (lulav), two branches of the river willows (Aravot) and three Myrtle branches (Hadas) and citrus fruit (etrog). These plants are intended for blessing and symbolize the unity of the Jewish people. Evenings singing and dancing in the synagogue, a ceremony of distribution of water.

The Jews are preparing to celebrate the weeklong holiday of Sukkot commemorates the wandering in the desert 04.10.2017

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