Italian journalist Claudio Gatti States that, after investigation, found who is hiding under the name of a famous Italian writer, writing under the pseudonym, Elena Ferrante. In an article in The New York Review of Books , he said that in fact popular all over the world the novels says the Italian translator Anita Raj.

The first novel of Elena Ferrante, was published in 1992. Great success among the readers got a series of books of the writer “Neapolitan novels”. This year the fourth novel in the series “the Story of a lost child” (Storia della bambina perduta) was in the shortlist of candidates for the international Booker prize. As mentioned in the biography of the writer on the website of the award, all that is known about it, is that she was born in Naples.

Books by Elena Ferrante translated into several languages and published in 39 countries. Worldwide sold more than two million copies of her works, notes the BBC.

Claudio Gatti reported that identified the identity of Elena Ferrante, examining spending the translator from German of Anita Raj and her husband Domenico Starnone expensive real estate in Rome and Tuscany. According to him, the well-being of the interpreter has been growing along with the success of books Ferrante. In addition, he found that Raja, like Ferrante, connected with the Italian publishing house Edizioni e/o, which is paid to the translator a substantial fee.

Publisher Ferrante and one of the few people who know exactly who is hiding under the pseudonym, Sandro Ferri, in an interview with The Guardian criticized the actions of Gatti. He called these revelations “disgusting”, noting that if the writer decided to hide from the public, he has every right to do. He neither confirmed nor denied information about the identity of the writer described by the journalist.

Elena Ferrante is considered the most influential Italian writer of our time. In 2016, she also was in the top 100 ranking of most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Among her creations – the novel “Days of abandonment (I giorni Dell abbandono). Received recognition of her “Neapolitan novels” series consists of works “My wonderful friend” (L’amica geniale), “the Story of a new name” (Storia del nuovo cognome), “Who leaves and who stays” (Storia di chi fugge e di chi resta), “the Story of a lost child” (Storia della bambina perduta). Two novels Ferrante has been filmed – “Love trouble” and “Days of abandonment”.

The journalist claims that revealed the personality of the famous Italian writer Elena Ferrante 04.10.2016

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