Father a decade Damir Shevkhuzhev from Sochi, knocked out his peers, the son of the head of Chechnya Ahmad Kadyrov tournament on the mixed single combats in Grozny told about the event and about how the boy got there. The scandal surrounding the Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 began to gain momentum after the children’s participation in this tournament has criticized the President of the Union of mixed martial arts (MMA) and well-known fighter Fedor Emelyanenko.

Samrat Shevkhuzhev in a telephone conversation on Friday, October 7, with journalist, author and presenter of the programme “Lead a healthy lifestyle, carry a knife” on Match TV Alexander Buttercup has signaled that it has no claims to the organizers of the tournament and grateful children an opportunity to have a good time. According to the man, his son after the fight feels great. Interview, the journalist published in his Facebook.

“And my spouse and all the children were away from Kadyrov, and talked with his children. Everything was well organized. The children rested. Personally I am happy with how was given. They arrive tonight around. And I already know that I think the wife, the parents of the other children and the children themselves,” said Samrat Shevkhuzhev.

Father Damir said that the son is almost a year experience in the martial arts. Note that it follows from this that the enemy forces were obviously unequal, since Ramzan Kadyrov was previously reported in social networks that Ahmad for several years is Boxing, judo, karate and mixed martial arts.

According to Samrat Shevkhuzhev first members of the club “Ahmad” and children Kadyrov arrived in Sochi, where they had friendly games with local children. And then they were invited to the tournament in Grozny. As told to a man, the first battle in Sochi ended with the loss of Damir, but he believes that this is natural, as with the Chechen side were “professional soldiers, in fact.”

As it turned out, the battles in Sochi, the children had protective gear, including a helmet on his head. “I thought I was in Grozny will be the same format, it’s also been announced as demonstrations. Can’t say why there was no equipment this time,” said the man. “I can’t tell that there was something dishonest. Just Kadyrov children longer in this sport doing,” he said.

According to the father, Damir put to fight with a more experienced enemy, that he was “motivated to get ahead, to prepare for revenge”. “I think there’s nothing extraordinary happened. Unpleasant, of course, that the son lost the fight in 14 seconds. But I think a little practice, I’ll school him – and we have this belt will take”, he added, assuring that he will insist on holding a third fight.

The man did not comment on the statements of Fedor Emelianenko, as, according to him, while they had not read. Responding to a question about the prizes, he told me that after the meeting in Sochi, the children were presented the trophies and gave ten thousand rubles to each member on the form. He stressed that the family was no matter what prizes will be awarded in Grozny, as Damir was interested in the opportunity to participate in this tournament.

A mixed martial arts tournament Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 took place on 4 October. It passed significant fights involving young men, including fought Kadyrov’s sons – 10-year-old Ahmad, a nine-year and eight-year-old Zelimkhan Adam. All members of the family of the head of Chechnya won. It was the knockout, in which Akhmad Kadyrov sent his opponent Damir Shevkhuzhev already at 14 seconds of the battle, was the occasion for discussion of the tournament in the society. The scandal has already reached the Kremlin.

The first topic raised Fedor Emelianenko – he said that participation in battles on the same level with adults can cause irreparable damage to the health of children. The fighter said that the fights in Chechnya was carried out according to the rules established for adult professional athletes. Indeed, according to the rules of the competition under the auspices of the MMA Union of Russia to the fighting, first, open to children from the age of 12, and secondly, all children’s age groups athletes must be dressed in a special form and use protective gear.

Charges Emelianenko immediately rejected by the representative of the head of Chechnya in Europe, General Director Akhmat Promotion Timur Dugashev. He assured that any cruelty was out of the question, and advised Emelianenko taking the situation “from the perspective of men”. In turn, the head of the press service of fight club “Ahmad” Adam Akhmadov said that the club is ready to resolve the conflict with Emelianenko, but he first needs to apologize for criticism.

The Kremlin saidthat the participation of children in such tournaments should be cause for inspection by the Supervisory authorities. This opinion was expressed before the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. In the Ministry of sports of Russia promised to examine the incident. Check children’s fights took authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova. At the same time, Roskomnadzor reported that checking the incident will not be, as no complaints were reported.

Ramzan Kadyrov, known for his sharp attacks against those who he does not like, quite restrained commented on the claims of Fedor Emelianenko. In his Instagram he said that the legend of fights without rules should “start with yourself”, and also the first to praise the tournament and congratulate Chechnya holidays, one of which was the 40th anniversary of Kadyrov.

Meanwhile, some fans Emelianenko considered baiting attacks on the athlete representatives of the Chechen authorities. On Friday on the website Change.org there was a petition in defense of the President of the Union of the mixed single combats, addressed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Its Creator, Denis Ivanov from Magnitogorsk asks the President to intervene and “protect our athletes and brother in Christ from attacks and harassment”. To date, the appeal was signed by more than 27 thousand people.

“The kids have a rest” the father knocked out by Kadyrov’s son, the child was told about the tournament in Grozny 07.10.2016

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