Russian officials have prepared an impressive reception for 81-year-old monarch of Saudi Arabia Salman Abdel-Aziz al Saud, who arrived yesterday in Moscow on a state visit. In the Russian capital these days in the New Arena is widely publicized culture Week of Saudi Arabia opens the exhibition of national art in this country, all the city was hung with posters in Arabic, and on the way from the airport Vnukovo-2 the king met the billboards with his pictures.

Moscow meets the king on such a scale, what is rarely awarded to foreign leaders. The Saudi delegation with their ambitious style of travel took all the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, reports The Washington Post. This is not surprising because the monarch is the richest Arab countries used to travel with appropriate ceremonies: for example, for a visit to Japan in the spring of this year the king and his delegation took 10 aircraft, and 500 tons of Luggage and 1,200 rooms in the best hotels. And in Indonesia the king brought 1500 attendants, including 25 young men and 450 tons of things, in particular two Mercedes-Benz S600 and two ladder-escalator. In Russia such a special personal ladder also arrived, but Russia refused to work.

On the days of visit of king of Saudi Arabia all the availability of the most fashionable hotels around the Kremlin and red square were occupied by his entourage. In five-star hotels the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, St. Regis “national” in the district Manezhnaya square, Lubyanka and Kuznetsky most were no vacant places – a situation with a complete lack of numbers develops rarely. All rooms sold out till October 7.

The representative of one of the hotels said that the hotel management had to cancel several events that were scheduled on these days. From the menu of the hotel were excluded pork. But the situation in many of the rooms changed to the more familiar guests in the Oriental style. Moreover, several senior members of the delegation especially from Saudi Arabia brought their favorite carpets, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The double room in this hotel starts from 41 thousand rubles per night. Room with views of Manezhnaya square is 59 thousand, with views of the Kremlin and the Alexander garden – 137 thousand. The most expensive and spacious rooms (with an area of about 500 square meters) cost about a million rubles a day.

The delegation of Saudis has about a thousand people, and all of them needed to be accommodated in hotels in close proximity to the Kremlin.

Arrived in Moscow not just the delegation, and the cream of Saudi Arabia. As told BFM former Russian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Andrei Baklanov, “the Saudis have a particularly meticulous approach to the preparation and conduct of visits of the highest level”. “Everything has to be painted and then, in this carefully-thought-out scenario to be implemented. They are pre-send to the country where the event will occur, most advanced group, which operates in different areas of the program. Accompanied by a fairly large number of family members of the ruling dynasty and officials – employees of ministries and departments, business representatives and just people who are technical service”, – said Baklanov.

The king of Saudi Arabia with his entourage of 1000 people took all the five-star hotels around the Kremlin 05.10.2017

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