One of the defendants in the case of the former Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh, the ex-owner Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC) albert Lariccia testified against the former head of the region. In the course of the hearing he said that he had to bribe the White because of the “system of power in Russia”. The case against White on the merits began on 5 September.

White was detained June 24, 2016 at a restaurant in Moscow when receiving a bribe. According to the RF IC, he personally and through the intermediary received a total of 400 thousand euros. The next day, White was arrested by decision of the Basmanny court. Soon after the arrest of the President of Russia signed a decree on early termination of powers of White in connection with loss of trust. Under part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“bribe reception in especially large size”) the former head of the Kirov region could face from eight to 15 years of imprisonment.

In the spring of this year in relation to White was initiated another criminal case under part 6 St. 290 criminal code (“Bribe”). To date, both cases were joined, and on March 17 the former Governor of Kirov region was charged with. In the framework of the second criminal case and testified for Larici.

Ex-owner of the NLC on Wednesday, October 4, told the court that “when White was detained” when receiving a bribe, he “appealed to the authorities with a statement about the existing illegal activities of Nikita Yurevich”. Larici he is in custody on charges of fraud with loans, and in the case of White is a witness, said RIA “Novosti”.

According to the businessman, in 2009, the leadership of the NLC decided to create their own logging, but that it was necessary to rent forest plots. The company appealed to the Deputy Governor Sergey Marchkova. As explained by Lariscy, “shurchkov promised that all will make, it was hinted that we thanked the Governor” (quoted by “Mediazone”).

After a long bureaucratic procedures plots in 2012 were issued in rent. “After that, I took 200 thousand euros, at home, in a safety Deposit box in Switzerland, an amount determined arbitrarily on the basis of those profits that I could get, and flew to Kirov,” continued Larici.

Not to engage in the transfer of money personally, Lalicki, he said, asked the Director of NLK Vladimir Sysolyatina pass them Marchkova, which, in turn, said that he will pass the money on to the Governor of the Kirov region.

After two or three months after the transfer of a bribe Lariccia asked Sysolyatina whether it has improved his relationship with the government of the region. He said that has improved. “From this I concluded that all is well,” explained Lariccia in the course of the hearing.

However, he acknowledged that decisions on the lease of forest land the key role played by the head of the region. “Such is the system of government in Russia. If the superior officer says, “OK”, all understand that OK. If you say “go away”, all are here. In my understanding the decision is made by the first person”, – he concluded.

White, in turn, called the testimony of Urickogo “slander”. “Indications are objective and truthful character. But I think slander his statement about the crime”, – I declared ex-the Governor of the Kirov region.

While White stressed that Larici written statement with the testimony of 12 September 2016, being an insulator “Lefortovo”, on the same day a few hours it was an investigator who brought the case. “How did it happen that you wrote the application, and in a few hours was an investigator at the interrogation?” – White asked a question to which Larici did not answer, but only parried with a joke: “Nikita Jurevich, you propose to reward the investigator?”

At the end of last year, Lariccia was sentenced to three years in prison for the fraudulent theft of more than 254 million roubles, received in the form of loans in Sberbank. In 2010, Larici ordered to take in Sberbank the credit for the modernization of production NLC. On his instructions, had made a false contract, according to which he owned Swiss company Champion Chemicals AG allegedly agreed to supply at NLC equipment 16.7 million dollars.

The money was transferred to the company, and then transferred in several tranches into the account of some Panamanian companies in the Latvian Bank Citadele, and later found ourselves on the personal account of Urickogo in the Swiss Credit Suisse. In January 2011, Larici signed with your company the contract interest loan, which pledged to provide NLK loan of $ 10 million.

In March of the same year he transferred in two tranches from the personal account to the company of $ 12 million, who immediately moved back to Switzerland allegedly as a payment of the same Champion Chemicals AG for the equipment. At the same time Larici again asked for the credit in Sberbank, which opened the company’s line of credit with a limit of 250 million rubles for the organization of production and commissioning. Money has also been found in the personal account of Urickogo.

Lariccia was detained in 2015. He signed a contract on cooperation with the investigation, pledging to promote “the incrimination and prosecution of other persons”. Apparently, one of them was the ex-Governor of Kirov region Belykh, said earlier the journalists.

The Kirov businessman has explained the transfer of bribes White “a system of government in Russia” 05.10.2017

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