In the Kremlin, the Russian foreign Ministry and Russian Embassy in Belgrade has denied messages
deportation from Serbia Russians suspected of involvement in
the preparation of terrorist acts after the parliamentary elections in neighboring Montenegro.
In a statement posted on the website
The foreign Ministry called the allegations “fiction”, and press Secretary
Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports “Interfax”, said
reporters: “they know Nothing about it”.

Media associated with the deportation of Russians in the recent visit of the head of the Russian security Council
Nikolai Patrushev in Belgrade. The Serbian newspaper Danas wrote that
Patrushev was in Belgrade to pick up the deportees, but this
information could not check, but “Kommersant” with reference to the local
experts said that the main purpose of the visit of the former head of the FSB – smoothing
scandal and the avoidance of complications in bilateral relations.

In a statement the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry says
reports of some Balkan and Russian media about the alleged
the deportation of citizens of Serbia “only as an absolute fabrication
can not be named”. “With regret, not for the first time
journalists do not pay sufficient attention to verify the reliability
sources of information, becoming, in fact, an instrument of information
the war in the hands of politicians”, – stated in the message in response to the request
the Serbian Agency Beta.

“Patrushev’s visit to Belgrade was planned, the preparations for it
started a few months ago. Such events
require a serious time to work”, – stressed in the foreign Ministry and
advised “to pay attention to the comment of the Chairman
the government of the Republic Aleksandar Vucic on October 27, in which
these publications described as “absolute disinformation”.

Prime Minister Alexander Vucic on the eve of an interview N1
said that it would not “comment on the headlines of the tabloids”. “Not all
your question is inexact, one part is inaccurate. I didn’t mean to not answer
only for the reason I already said, but for another. I don’t
have the right to talk about it under the law,” he said.

He also said that some things can cause “excessive
public outrage”. “Full of misinformation” he called
the message about the high official referred to in the publication.

The message also commented on the Russian Embassy in Belgrade
calling them speculations. “Official notification from the Serbian side in
the Embassy is not received,” – said to “Interfax” the press attache
Embassy Yuri Pichugin. The Minister of internal Affairs of Serbia, Nebojsa
Stefanovic on Friday said that Patrushev’s visit to Belgrade was
agreed a few months ago and has nothing to do with the events in
Montenegro, reports RIA
The “news”

Ukrainian mass media stated that Russia managed to quarrel with
one of his most important and long-standing allies, but of the application
the Prime Minister suggests the opposite. So, answering
the question of deputies of the liberal democratic party of “striking a balance”
between the EU and Russia in foreign policy, Alexander Vucic said
Serbia’s position is crystal clear, and “this is not the position of balancing”.

Vucic said, reports Agency Beta,
Serbia has no reason and no interest in
the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

“Not only do we have no reason or interest, but to impose sanctions
it would be unfair to the friendly people of Russia”, – he said and stressed that Serbia is “on the European
way” of development.

Elections in Montenegro took place on 16 October. Then the authorities of the country
announced the arrest of Serbian citizens, who were going to attack
opposition protests in order to provoke the assault
Parliament. Vucic said that the suspects acted “in coordination
with foreigners”. Then, Serbian media reported that among the detainees
there were citizens of Russia.

The Kremlin and the foreign Ministry denied reports about the deportation from Serbia suspected of terrorism Russians 29.10.2016

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