Russian senators can have their own opinion about the approach of NATO to Russia’s borders, but the country’s foreign policy is determined by the President, said press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the view expressed the day before Federation Council threatened to retarget Russian nuclear weapons on the objects of the Alliance in response to his aggressive actions.

“I want to note that our legislators under the Constitution do not define the foreign policy of Russia, determined by the President”, – quotes “Interfax” Peskov response to a request by journalists to comment on the statement of Senator Franz Klintsevich.

However, a Kremlin spokesman assured that he understood the point of view of policy. “Our legislators are certainly entitled to their point of view, they quickly respond to international developments, the expansion of NATO towards the Russian borders, the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure, so this position is clear”, – said Peskov.

We will note, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the end of October at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai” noted that “the rattle of atomic weapons – the last thing”. “This is harmful rhetoric, and I do not welcome, but we must proceed from reality, to assume that nuclear weapons are a deterrent and a factor in ensuring peace and security in the world” – quoted the head of state , RIA “Novosti”.

The Russian President stressed that nuclear weapons cannot be considered as a factor of potential aggression, as it would mean “the end of all existence, of our civilization.” Putin has promised that Russia will have a responsible attitude to its nuclear status, “in spite of any statements,” which can be heard in the debate.

Then Vladimir Putin reined in the hawks, who were in favor of military provocation of the United States after the incident in the Black sea when Russian military aircraft flew close to an American warship.

After the cold war, Russia and the United States announced the abandonment of the practice of targeting nuclear weapons at each other. In 1998, Moscow and Washington exchanged assurances that the missiles are no longer pointed at the object the other side. Where is currently aimed at Russian nuclear weapons is a military secret.

The Kremlin called the statement of the Federation Council about targeting nuclear weapons on targets NATO just opinion 25.11.2016

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