In the Kremlin commented on the statement by the group of Ukrainian hackers “Cyberhunt” that she managed to crack Inbox assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov and find the documents in which, inter alia, set out “urgent and comprehensive measures” to destabilize political life in Ukraine. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the various hackers usually attributed to Surkov that “often untrue”.

“You know Surkov, more than ten years, he was all the time something is attributed to something if our hackers, whether foreign hackers”, – told reporters Sands (quoted by TASS). According to him, “he (Surkov) is a very talented man, so naturally, everyone wants him something to attribute”. “Most of it is untrue”, – said Peskov.

Ukrainian hackers calling themselves “Cyberhunt,” announced hacking the correspondence of Vladislav Surkov on the eve. “We are Ukrainian patriots “Cyberhunt”, now has access and full control of the correspondence of one of the postmen – the enemy of Ukraine V. Surkov,” – said on the website “Cyberhunt”.

Hackers-the patriots announced that analyzing fragments of correspondence Surkov with his assistant Pavel Karpov, for conspiracy signing the name “Pavlov, Nikolay Nikolayevich” and posted on the website copies of papers that demonstrate, at their characterization of “criminal plans of Putin and his minions in the continuation of the seizure of the Ukrainian territory in Western Ukraine”.

The terms “Rod” aims to “intensify the protest movement”

One of the documents entitled “Plan of priority measures on destabilization socially-political life in Ukraine “the Rod”. It talks about the need for “urgent additional integrated measures” “given the critical situation” in the Donbass.

“Achieving the set objectives included ensuring the promptly measures to destabilize the political life in Ukraine, the result of which should be early parliamentary and presidential elections. The most favorable period for the implementation of the developed complex of measures to the November 2016 – March 2017″, – the document says.

To destabilize proposed “to create favorable conditions for entry into the new Parliament controlled by political forces whose leaders declare peace in the Donbass, which will allow to create additional levers of influence on the Ukrainian political leadership”.

The main directions of “swing public opinion” recognized: criticism of policies of the current government and President, production and distribution of “fake” videos and audio recordings, evidence of corrupt ties of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his entourage, the organization of investigation of corruption Poroshenko and resuscitation in media, old corruption cases with people from his entourage, criticism of the government’s initiatives on raising the retirement age. A separate item here spelled “necessity of amending the Constitution in terms of granting special economic status regions”.

To “swing public opinion” proposed “blind use” people’s deputies Mustafa Nayem, Sergey Leshchenko, Svetlana Zalishchuk and Olga Chervakova.

The plan refers to the need to negotiate with the “leaders of the Ukrainian opposition” – the Opposition bloc, the Radical party of Liashko, “Batkivshchyna” and individual MPs – on the organization of “national protest “Tariff Maidan” in the second half of November.

The document aims to implement the “right” persons in environment of the volunteer movement and the Armed forces of Ukraine to “create a sense of “abandonment” and of the irrelevance of the country and the leadership.” By October – December marked the task “to hold talks with loyal politicians and representatives of big business in the regions, having levers of influence on deputies of the Verkhovna Rada”.

The memo includes a “plan of information influence and discredit Poroshenko and his entourage”.

The main objective is “strengthening of the protest movement since the beginning of the autumn political period and heating season”, – the document says.

The interior Ministry of Ukraine has recognized the “authenticity” of the documents, skeptics pointed to the “Poltava” accent correspondence

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak announced drain on his page on Facebook, stating the authenticity of the documents. “Authentic. No comment,” he said, Shkiriak.

Another adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Herashchenko wrote in Facebook: “Breaking of mail of Vladislav Surkov – the truth. Documents uploaded by Cyberhunts, trustworthy”.

“The publication of the correspondence assistant to Putin concerning the destabilization of Ukraine Vladislav Surkov, made a bombshell – said in the blog of Anton Gerashchenko on the website of”Ukrainian truth”. – Hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian Internet trolls thrown to minimize the effect from this publication, finally ripping off the mask with the working methods of the Kremlin technologists, aiming to split Ukraine from the inside”.

According to Gerashchenko, the documents leads to the conclusion that “Russia continues systematic work on the destabilization of domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine and uses all available means, including face-down, uses the Ukrainian public and political figures”. As an example of the Ukrainian media on the plans of the Kremlin Gerashchenko leads the activities of the TV channel “inter”.

Skeptics pay attention to typos in the document: “Surkov word “seriously” writing as “seryozno”. “U “Surkov” that places such emphasis Poltava”, – said in comments to the editor Kiev “the 5th channel” Igor Chichkan. Perhaps this refers to the used in the text the phrases such as “with the environment Poroshenko” instead of “from the environment”, “Ukraine” instead of “the Ukraine”.

The political scientist, the head of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov in comments to “Moskovskii Komsomolets” about mistakes in the text said: “anyone who has worked with Surkov knows to send him a document with spelling errors could only decide on political suicide.” In addition, Chesnakov argues that Surkov “e-mail on a private server”. Ukrainian hackers claim the hacked email address Surkov – and his assistant Karpova –

“Both the PDF file is physically created yesterday around 17:00 local time in the time zone GMT+2. It is at the level of Central Europe, but not Russia. In short, fake”, – is indignant in the comments on Facebook Gerashchenko Ukrainian Colonel of justice Dmitry Kuzmichev.

As reported Stranayain ignorance rebuked the Ukrainian “hackers” and the former Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Tatiana Popova. “Well, how clumsy can you do fakes?” – she was indignant. According to her, the first part of the seven pages where we are talking about MPs and journalists accusers, “printed on another printer with a different spacing. It is noticeable to the naked eye”.

Ukrainian TV presenter Alexander Dubinsky, which appears in plan as a journalist, through whom it is possible to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, said the documents are a fake and believes that the reason for its publication – the fear Poroshenko to drain some of the dirt, which the authorities want to discredit.

The Kremlin complained that the hackers are always credited with “talented” Surkov “something contradictory” 25.10.2016

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