Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not confirm or deny the message to Bloomberg that Putin strongly condemned the military’s actions during the incident in the Black sea when Russian jets flew close to an American warship. “Closed meetings are conducted in order and to where it was possible to exchange opinions,” he said (quoted by TASS).

Peskov said that Vladimir Putin advocates the observance of standards to eliminate dangerous incidents between the military vessels and aircraft of NATO and Russia.

As announced on 26 October, the Agency Bloomberg , citing unnamed high-ranking Russian official, Vladimir Putin has extremely sharply reacted to actions of the Ministry of defence during the incident in the Black sea. According to the source, Putin described the incident as “very risky.” In response to remarks by Russian officials that “the Americans deserved it”, the President said, “are You crazy?”

The President also called unacceptable the “clanking” of nuclear weapons. “To rattle nuclear weapons – the last thing. This harmful rhetoric, and I’m not welcome,” said he on the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai” (quoted by TASS). At the same time, he urged “to proceed from reality”, namely that nuclear weapons “is a deterrent and a factor for peace and security worldwide.”

The incident with the American ship took place on 10 October. Then the flagship of the U.S. air force, the Mount Whitney entered the Black sea, reportedly to “ensure regional security,” U.S. allies. Immediately thereafter in Crimea declared that, if necessary, in relation to the Mount Whitney can be taken.

In particular, it was reported about the readiness of the command of the black sea fleet to give the order of the Russian aircraft heading towards the flagship. Later it was reported that Russian aircraft flew close to an American ship.

In April of this year, a similar incident occurred with an American destroyer Donald Cook. Then the ship is equipped with missile defense system “aegis” and cruise missiles “Tomahawk” entered the Black sea, and then over it began to circle the bomber and anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27.

The video, published by the European command of the United States, it is clear that at least in one case, the bomber with the drone flies very close to the destroyer. “The Russian aircraft simulated an attack and did not respond to a security alert in the Russian and English languages,” – said the representative of the command.

At the White house this incident caused outrage. American authorities have stated that the actions of the Russian pilots did not conform to accepted norms of conduct of armed forces in international air and sea space. In the Russian defense Ministry announced the “painful reaction” of the American side and that the su-24 pilots comply with all security measures.

The head of the U.S. Department of state John Kerry called a “simulated attack” reckless move that he hoped would never happen again. He also warned that flying next to the American destroyer, a Russian su-24 bomber could bring down.

A spokesman for the White house Josh Ernest said that “over the past year has experienced several incidents in which Armed forces of Russia, including Russian military aircraft got closer to the other aircraft or marine vessels so that it raised serious concerns about security.”

The media was reminded that April 15, 2014 Donald Cook already faced with the threat of a Russian su-24. It happened also in the Black sea. Then the incident was considered “imitation of bombing”: the su-24 without weapons within one and a half hours 12 times flew at low altitude near a us destroyer.

The Kremlin did not deny the message of the outspoken criticism of the military by Putin for provocation with the US ships 28.10.2016

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