The Kremlin has not heard about the program assessment protest potential among students and professors, which wrote the newspaper “Kommersant”. On Monday, October 24, reported the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“No, don’t know. We do not have any information on this. I can’t say anything,” said Peskov, quoted by TASS. Answering the question of whether this program is a project of the Kremlin, Peskov said, “of course Not”.

As mentioned in the article “Kommersant”, the Deputy head of the Institute for strategic studies and projections at the PFUR Nikita Danyk said, speaking at a Congress of Pro-rectors of universities for educational work over the weekend in Moscow within two years, more than 40 city and several dozen regional universities were secretly evaluated “protest potential” among teachers and students.

Danuk also said that “the state is in a state of undeclared war,” which “is a hybrid character.” He argued that there are many fronts and one of them – mental – lies within the state. According to Danica, which led to “Kommersant”, “Western planners” use “the practice of inspiring coups”. He acknowledged that the student body is one of the major “decomposers”.

Not to give the country “sink into chaos”, was developed the educational program “scenarios for the future of Russia,” said Nikita Danyk. With this program Danuk and his team visited more than 40 in Moscow and dozens of regional universities. In his speech he stressed that at the level of the faculty “occur destructive propaganda of anti-state ideas.” On the eve of presidential elections, the researchers intend to shift the focus of their attention in the direction of the regional universities, wrote “Kommersant”.

“Either the journalist misunderstood or expert incorrectly thought expressed”

Visit Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR there is a photo of Nikita Dhanuka speech at the event, but excerpts from his speech are given.

However on Monday the head of the Institute for strategic studies and projections of PFUR Georgy Filimonov in an interview with Life denied transferred to the “Kommersant” information. According to him, no one analyzed the protest potential of students of Russian universities, and research related to the foreign consultants.

“Generally, it is the responsibility Nikita Dhanuka. But now we inspect. Most likely, there were distortion of facts, the data that was provided by our experts. It was about the fact that foreign consultants engaged in the sensing of protest potential in the region, particularly in Yekaterinburg. This is what they failed to do in Moscow and in St. Petersburg”, – said Filimonov.

According to him, the spin doctors artificially create the preconditions for destabilization of the situation in the Urals, in Siberia and in cities of the Far East. And that is what it was in the analytical materials, which were prepared Danyk. As stressed Filimonov, the assertion that someone has checked the “protest potential of students and universities”, “nonsense”. He noted that Danuk not supposed to say this, because they were not authorized to take such action.

“We studied the way in Ekaterinburg, in Siberia, work of the Consulate General of the United States, as they interact with non-systemic institutions in the regions. But this is only a study, not a political position. I check how it was on the merits. None of the students did not analyze either the journalist misunderstood or expert incorrectly thought expressed”, – summed up the head of the Institute for strategic studies and projections of PFUR.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner for students ‘ rights, Artyom Khromov, commenting in an interview with Life study “protest potential”, said that such monitoring is nothing negative if the project will help to hear the voice of the students and to solve real problems. In his opinion, the debate in universities on topical issues essential, but it is important that students violently to anything not forced.

“Discontent grows when you miss the scholarship when given horrible living conditions in hostels, when you extort money for missing classes and re-sit subjects, when threatened with deductions for those who receive their training at the Bank, which is then not their fault disbarred, and so on. It is important to hear the voice of the students”, – concluded the Commissioner.

As noted Medialeaks, Nikita Danuk as a political expert on TV “Star” and “the World”, published in YouTube and Facebook excerpts of his speeches on various topics.

The Kremlin did not know about estimation “protest potential” in the Russian universities 24.10.2016

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