In Moscow hosted the international conference of separatists called “the Dialogue of Nations. The right of peoples to self-determination and building a multipolar world”. The event was organized by the anti-Globalization movement of Russia (ADR), received the presidential grant in the amount of 3.5 million rubles. During the Congress, speakers discussed the potential independence of the American States of Texas and California, says the Los Angeles Times.

“The arrival of secessionists from California, Texas, Puerto Rico, Northern Ireland, Catalonia, Italy and Lebanon for the sake of communicating with activists from several unrecognised separatist territories in the former Soviet republics is becoming a tradition: Moscow appeals to militant anti-Western nationalism, which is combined with the willingness to take up arms against its former Soviet vassals”, – stated in the material edition, which quotes InoPressa.

In the framework of the Congress made Lewis Marinelli, head of the Yes California, which intends to 2019 to conduct a “referendum on independence” “Golden state”. In addition, as the newspaper notes, the audience even more applause met Nate Smith, “the self-styled Minister of foreign Affairs of the Texas Chapter of the Texas Nationalist Movement, who promised that someday independent “lone star state “will be able to formally exchange ambassadors with your free and independent countries”.

The conference was attended by former state Duma Deputy from the “United Russia” Sergey Markov. According to the journalist of the edition of Mansur Mirovalev, the participants were very different from each other. “Perhaps the only force that unites them, is a stridently anti-American stance that fits perfectly into the current foreign policy of the Kremlin”, – he said.

“The Russian participants of the conference seem to know where there’s a thin line between peaceful self-determination of the California and Chechen separatism”, – said Mirovalev. “The Kremlin often complains about the double standards of the West in relations with Russia. But while abroad, he supports the marginalized and secessionist organizations in his country, he has brutally suppressed separatists,” – said the journalist.

In mid-September it was reported that the organizers invited the Texas nationalist movement (TNM) is one of the biggest separatist organizations in the United States, which is preparing a referendum on the independence of Texas. In 2014 they have already participated in the activities of the ADR in Russia, and in 2015 are unable to attend the conference. The head of ADR, Alexander Ionov told that the authorities of the countries of the West were able to prevent the delegates to go to Moscow on the previous forum. In February 2015, the FBI raided the headquarters of the TNM.

The anti-globalization movement of Russia was established in 2012 as an organization to support countries and peoples in opposing the dictates of a unipolar world and seeks to offer an alternative agenda.” Among the honorary members of ADR – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The President of the ADR Alexander Ions was previously co-chair of the Russian Committee of solidarity with the peoples of Syria and Libya, which was headed by the candidate of the state Duma from the Communist party Sergei Baburin. Ion is also included in the Presidium of the public organization “Officers of Russia”.

The activities of the movement is financed by donations from supporters and targeted government grants. “This is enough to hold conferences at least once a year,” said Ion. Conference separatists ADRs received 3.5 million rubles from the National welfare Fund, distributes presidential grants to development NGOs.

The previous conference of the movement took place in September 2015, the Fund also provided a grant of 2 million rubles. In 2016, according to the announcement of the event, invited more participants than in 2015. The conference organizers pay foreign colleagues of the transport and accommodation expenses.

The Kremlin has decided to export to the USA separatist sentiments, supporting the sovereignty of California and Texas 28.09.2016

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