The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the idea to toughen responsibility for animal abuse has a right to exist, said his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. So he answered the question of how the head of state refers to the ideas of animal rights, which held in recent days, several rallies over the killings of animals in Khabarovsk.

“The President certainly believes that this legislative initiative would have a right to exist. The President shared the rejection of acts of cruelty on animals, it is absolutely in solidarity with those who oppose,” said TASS press Secretary.

According to Peskov, a specific legislative initiative on this score – employment for experts and deputies. He noted that the program of the Year of ecology, the event which will be held in Russia in 2017, this subject is not stated.

In dozens of Russian cities on 5 and 6 November demonstrations of animal rights activists. The main requirement was the modification of article 245 of the criminal code “cruelty to animals”. Activists demanding tougher punishment for Skinner, in particular, to provide for them the deprivation of liberty for a term up to eight years and reduce the age of criminal responsibility to 14 years.

A wave of pickets against the cruelty went around the country on the background of the case in Khabarovsk. October 20, Russia’s Investigative Committee has taken over the criminal case in connection with a crime two 17-year-old habarovchanin who took animals on the ads “I’ll give in good hands”, and then mocked them by posting photos to the Internet. Investigators of the IC established that the victims of these intruders were at least 15 animals and birds.

Terrible story became available to the General public after October 18, users of the imageboard “Dvach” found two girls on their pages in social network “Vkontakte” posted pictures of maimed and dismembered animals.

Early in the proceedings one of the suspects was placed under house arrest, the other to restrict the freedom did not. However, on 25 October, the Investigative Committee reclassified the actions of the suspects and tightened possible punishment.

In the media and after this case, there are regular reports of brutal treatment of young Russians with animals: in Lipetsk the children played baseball kitten, and in Ufa the children cut the flap of skin with a live puppy.

According to the 245-th article of the criminal code, cruelty to animals, “which caused their death or injury if the act is committed from hooligan promptings, or from mercenary promptings, or with application of sadistic methods, or in the presence of minors” punishable by a fine up to 80 thousand rubles or wage convicted person for a period up to six months, or by compulsory works for a term of up to 360 hours, or correctional labor for a term up to one year, or restraint of liberty for a term up to one year, or with arrest for the term up to six months.

The Kremlin made tougher penalties for zhivoderstvo 07.11.2016

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