In the Kremlin do not see anything special in expressive culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, who yesterday called the fucking scum of the critics of the film Andrei Salope “28 Panfilov”. Just the head of the Ministry of culture has applied his great knowledge of Russian language to defend the historical truth, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“The Minister of culture is fluent in the Russian language, which
very versatile” – said Peskov in response to a request of journalists to comment on the insult used Medinsky, transfers “Interfax”.

“Many now refer to the Internet in public opinion on various archival documents and so on, which appeared immediately after the war, and later in the state archives, the accuracy of which is still in question. Still, studies indicate that history in one form or another with the heroes-Panfilov really took place”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

As pointed out by Peskov, President Vladimir Putin on the eve returned from Astana, where the still living relatives of guardsmen who keep the memory of those events. “It is not the documents dry, and that certain people with specific related historical memory”, – said the press Secretary of the President. “Therefore, the Minister of culture so hot and defends historical truth”, – he said.

On Tuesday, Peskov said that Putin and Kazakh leader Nursultan Nazarbayev made a working program in Astana the film “28 Panfilov”. To the question, does the head of the Russian Federation on the version, according to which the feat of the Panfilov heroes was invented by the newspaper “Red star”, Peskov replied that, “indeed, scientists were asking was whether this version of what is called “remakes” or it really was based on some historical facts.” After that, a Kremlin spokesman referred to the Medina, vigorously support the version of the feat of the Panfilov stated in the film.

It should be noted that the Minister of culture defends their opinion to the official of such rank vehemence. He urged not to touch the “Holy legend”, even “if this story was invented from the beginning to the end, even if it wasn’t., even if there was nothing”. “And the people that do, the filth washed-up,” concluded Medina.

About the heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 316th rifle division under the command of major General Ivan Panfilov who participated in 1941 in the defense of Moscow, first reported in the newspaper “Red star” war correspondent Vasily Koroteev. As mentioned in the essay, the 28 Panfilov heroes died during a four-hour battle destroyed 18 enemy tanks. In the material cited and the phrase “Great Russia, and nowhere to retreat!”, prior to death allegedly said the political instructor Vasily Klochkov.

However, in 1997 in the journal “New world” was published article “a New Soviet heroes” Nikolai Petrov and Olga Edelman, in which it was alleged that on may 10, 1948 the official version of the feat was examined by the Chief military Prosecutor’s office of the USSR recognized literary fiction. Re-circumstances feat the PRT was doing in 1988.

The results of the investigation of SHG, the chief military Prosecutor, Lieutenant-General of justice Alexander Katusev published in “Military history journal” article “Strange glory.” In it, he concluded that “the mass heroism of the whole company, the whole regiment, the entire division irresponsibility not really honest journalists have downplayed the scale of the mythical platoon.” This is also the opinion of the Director of the State archive of the Russian Federation, doctor of historical Sciences Sergei Mironenko.

The Kremlin noted that the language proficiency of Medina, who called the scum of the critics of the feat of the Panfilov 05.10.2016

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