First Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, who is running for the state Duma from “United Russia”, speaking to suburban officials and candidates at the seminar “Modern principles
efficient management,” listed five main principles that
it is necessary to observe the conduct of the election campaign.

According to TASS, according to Volodina, the key principles are:
the inadmissibility of “political corruption” to ensure objectivity
the will of the citizens, high quality of democratic procedures,
the priority of the credibility of the elections over percentages, as well as
equal conditions for political competition.

The workshop was attended by representatives of Executive authorities
Moscow region, candidates in deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation and
the heads of districts. RBC
clarifies that the meeting was held at the corporate University

The first principle is to prevent political corruption. “Attempts
to manipulate the law, “right to spoil”, vitiate the meaning of the procedures and
institutions, purchasing power – is unacceptable,” – said Volodin. This
the thesis he supported the statement of Aristotle, which is called
relevant: “Buying power for the money used, and then extract
a profit from it”. “That’s why during the election campaign for the unconditional
priority is the decriminalization of elections”, – said Volodin.

All this place of a treatise on Aristotle’s “Politics”, where Volodin
borrowed the quote looks
so: “it is reasonable that buying power for the money used
to benefit from it, since getting the position, they will postergada;
it is incredible that the poor man, and a decent wished to extract
benefit, and people worse after, wouldn’t want it. So
the rules should be those who are able to rule best. If
the legislator made efforts to ensure that decent people give
the opportunity to live in prosperity, he had, at least
to ensure that officials had the necessary leisure.

The second principle, according to Volodin, – ensure the will. The main thing
the requirement for any political system – the legitimacy of the institutions.
“In relation to the election campaign, this means that the key
the task is to ensure the objectivity of the will of citizens, unconditional
and recognized by all public confidence in the voting results”, –
he said.

“Nobody wants an election fight that or not
is regulated, or is based on manipulative techniques that
distorts the objectivity of the will of citizens and undermines confidence,”
said the first Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

Volodin has reminded that democracy “is, above all, procedure”.
“As a public policy the most important is the execution of the laws
and regulations, norms and rules that determine the clarity and quality
democratic procedures,” he said, speaking of the third principle
campaign. “The quality of democratic procedures above, if they
be more transparent, universal in application and not
subject to situational adjustments,” he said. It
quality procedures in a decisive manner contributes to the credibility of
the political system on the part of all participants, said Volodin.

Fourth volodinskaya” the principle of non-use political strategies and
administrative resource. “Ensuring a result through the use of
political technologies and administrative resources, unwillingness to learn the rules
public policy is what creates a fertile environment for
discredit the electoral system,” the official said.

The fifth principle of equal conditions for political competition. “Win
one who is effective, who understands better the interests of the people, hear them
requests”, – said Volodin added: “the Election campaign has not
must be the struggle of political technologies, administrative resources and
sleaze and needs to be a competition of ideas, programmes, projects and
we offer solutions that will lead to improving people’s lives”.

Note that you do not resort to the dubious politics and “not
chase interest” Volodin urged party members before, saying in early June, according to the results of primaries “United Russia”: “it is Important that
campaign (for the elections) was legitimate, then the trust will be to the elections,
and there is no need to pursue the interest, I suppose, what confidence
will these percent.”

He told the United Russia party to achieve a result by political means, and
not to resort “to the dubious techniques of political technologies, which reduce
the credibility of the result.” “Your task is to communicate with people, to convince
to defend the position. This should be the basis of the electoral
the campaign,” – said the first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration.

Volodin is a candidate in deputies of the state Duma and heads
a regional group of 15 of the “United Russia” (Volgograd, Saratov,
Penza, Tambov region). Campaign on 18 September, when will
elections of the state Duma, heads of the nine regions and 39 of the legislative Assembly, will be the most
the scale for the last time. “So I tried to formulate
fundamental principles of conducting election campaigns,” explained

However, according to those close to the Kremlin sources, to work in the state Duma it
not going to. Participation in elections is a traditional thing for Volodin,
who participated in all election campaign “United Russia”,
said the head of the Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky. According to the analyst,
Volodin will be in real campaigns to test how it works
the political system from the point of view of principles
competitiveness, activity and legitimacy.

The Kremlin spoke out against “political corruption” in the elections 23.07.2016

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