The Kremlin insisted that the resignation of the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region of Russia Yevgeny Senicheva, who led the region for only two months, tied to family circumstances and has no political background. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“I know that, indeed, the termination of his job as acting head of the Kaliningrad region is linked to a personal request and is associated with family circumstances. There is no need to provide any deep political substances, to reason. This is the case, which is associated with family circumstances” – quoted Peskov RIA “Novosti”. About the family circumstances was said in the official statement.

“I actually believe that he personally appealed to the President to transfer him to Moscow, but where exactly and what position, as far as I know, the President has not yet made any decisions”, – said Peskov.

Eugene Zimichev was appointed Governor on July 28, and to transfer to the region worked in the security Service of the President. According to the source of the TV channel “Rain”close to the Kremlin administration, Sinichi has not fulfilled the informal qualification requirements for governors, and it didn’t provide the diploma of higher education.

Two sources close to the presidential administration, told RBCthat one of the reasons for the resignation Senicheva is that he “found himself in the Governor’s work.” A Kremlin source told the Agency that “Senicheva had huge problems with the publicity, he had avoided her”. Family problems also took place, interlocutors, close to the leadership of the FSB and the presidential administration.

Press Secretary of Governor Larisa Polyakova told “Kommersant”that there were no signs of resignation. However, the last few days, Senichev was in business trip in Moscow. Former independent member of the legislative Assembly, Solomon Ginzburg told the newspaper that his departure was unexpected, he wanted to form his team, and organizational functions were entrusted to the head of the regional government Anton Alikhanov, who is now acting Governor.

The source of “Kommersant”, close to regional authorities, believes that the recent departure of Eugene Sanicheva “felt”. “It was hard to work in this office, although he did everything in good faith, made a good start,” said he, stressing that “the region difficult”. According to political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov, “according to some, Eugene Senichevu did not like to work as a Governor, he was bored and weary, so he requested a transfer”.

Political consultant Yevgeny Minchenko suggests that now “Senicheva send in the security forces to work on the profile”. Press Secretary of the President has not informed, whether the following work Senicheva to be associated with the activities in the power structures.

The Kremlin urged not to seek “political substance” the sudden resignation of the Kaliningrad Governor 07.10.2016

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