Operating in Syria, the formation of the Kurds announced the start of the offensive on Raqqa – the “capital” of the “Islamic state” (IG, a group banned in Russia) in this country. Reuters with reference to the message group “Democratic forces of Syria,” reports that the attack with the support of the U.S. air force will conduct an exclusively Kurdish. In the week it was reported the talks of the Pentagon with the Turkish authorities about what kind of assistance during the assault would provide Ankara.

“The democratic forces of Syria” (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF) reports that the attack on Raqqa will begin “within hours”. The US would provide air support, and to coordinate the occurrence of the already established command center. The operation was called “Wrath of the Euphrates”.

“We will liberate Raqqa, liberated Kobane. We urge civilians to stay away from where the fighters, the priority is to ensure the safety of civilians”, – quotes the statement of DSS, the Agency TASS.

Earlier the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported that the militants in raqqa began building defensive fortifications. The leaders of ISIS forbade the inhabitants to leave the city by installing around it a network of roadblocks and mined the approaches. According to the newspaper, Raqqa protect about 2,000 well-trained mercenaries.

Rakka (al-Raqqah) – a city in Northern Syria, 160 km from Aleppo. The terrorists of ISIS control of Raqqa in the spring of 2013, they gradually took control of the entire province. In the summer of 2016, the Syrian army started to reconquer the territory of the province moving to the city.

Government forces in Syria, with the help of Russian troops trying to take control of the Eastern part of another major city – Aleppo.

In neighboring Iraq, local forces, supported by the Kurds, Turks and the US leads attack on Mosul, the largest city under the control of the Islamists in this country.

The Kurds announced an offensive on the Syrian “capital of the Islamic state” in Raqqa the US-backed 06.11.2016

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