The Ministry of labour and social protection has responded to numerous complaints from carers of disabled children and representatives of the Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation, which reported that the social security authorities of some regions, including Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg refuse to accrue benefits for foster parents, foster children from other regions, as well as by children. In this regard, the Ministry of labor has sent to all 85 regions of the Russian Federation the letter in which has explained the illegality of such failures, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The Ministry indicated that the right of every citizen of the Russian Federation to move freely and choose their place of stay and residence enshrined in article 27 of the Constitution, and in accordance with article 20 of the Civil code and article 2 of the Federal law “On the right of citizens to freedom of movement” citizen’s place of residence is the place, where he lives permanently or primarily, as the place of residence of children under the age of 14 shall be the place of residence of their legal representatives – parents, adoptive parents, guardians.

“Please take measures to prevent violations of these norms for the appointment and payment of social support measures”, – quotes the edition of the document signed by the first Deputy head of the Ministry of labor Alexei Vovchenko.

“The money – social benefits – appoint and pay the regions at the expense of own means, – has explained to journalists human rights activist and former Ombudsman for children in the Russian Federation Aleksey Golovan. But Moscow and the Moscow region believe that children with disabilities are under the custody of other entities, the right to this measure of support is not have.”

For Moscow and Moscow region the problem of denial of payments for children with disabilities who came from other regions, is the system confirms the member of the Commission of OP on the support of families, children and maternity Yulia zimova. “The baby is here, goes to nursery, to school, but social security somehow did not believe that he lives here,” said she.

The representative of the OP added that to the Muscovites who have taken custody of children from boarding schools in other regions, still not solved the problem that emerged at the end of 2015 due to the adjustment of the resolution of the Moscow government N932, which Metropolitan bodies of social protection denied guardians in the payment of child benefits as the accrual-must be in adults and in children. However, a child taken into care remains was in the orphanage.

OP at the end of February asked the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika to check the facts of intervention of the authorities of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the transfer of non-resident orphans under guardianship in families of adoptive parents. Then the social worker reported that officials “are routinely denied to children” from other regions in registration at the place of residence with a guardian, and benefits, citing the lack of registration.

Media speculated that officials are driven by the desire to reduce costs for orphans and support adoptive families.

The labour Ministry has declared illegal the refusal to pay allowances to guardians over nonresident children in Moscow and St. Petersburg 28.11.2016

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