The last king of Rwanda Kigeli V died on Sunday, October 16, at the age of 80 years. This is the official website of the late monarch.

“With great regret to inform you that His Majesty the king Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, the last king of Rwanda died in the early morning”, – stated in the message. Details of the causes of death of the monarch in it are not given. Information associated with the funeral and succession, will be announced later.

Kigeli V was born on 29 Jun 1936 in roundish the city of Kamembe. He was one of 14 children of the king Yuhi V Musinga dethroned by the Belgian colonial administration in 1931, and one of his wives, the Queen of Musingi Mukashema, the website

Father Kigali died in exile in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Then Kigali returned to Rwanda and was baptized into Catholicism with the name Jean-Baptiste Ndahindurwa. He ascended the throne in 1959, after his half-brother, king mutara Rudahigwa III, died under mysterious circumstances. In the same 1959 Kigali was overthrown in a coup Hutu (the king himself belonged to the Tutsi) fled the country: he left Rwanda on the car, disguised as a woman.

Shortly afterwards in Rwanda, a referendum was held, the results of which the monarchy was abolished. Kigali never returned home. Having lived about 20 years in several African countries, he settled in the United States, in the suburbs of Washington, where he organized a Charitable Foundation to aid Rwandan refugees. In recent years, Rwanda raised the question of possible return of the king.

Currently Rwanda led by President Paul Kagame. He has been in office for two terms already and intends to take part in the next presidential elections in 2017, reported the TV channel Euronews. Adopted in 2015, the amendments to the Constitution allow him to run for a third term for another seven years, and then two more times for five years. Thus, in the event of his election, Kagame can remain on a post of the President of Rwanda until 2034.

The last king of Rwanda died in exile in the United States 17.10.2016

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