The Latvian foreign Ministry explained the demolition of the monument to Soviet sailors in the city of limbaži concern for the safety of the local population. The Latvian foreign Ministry responded to the note sent earlier by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in connection with the destruction of the monument.

To clarify for the Russian side the issue of dismantling the monument, the Latvian foreign Ministry contacted the Limbaži municipality, said to Delfi the press-Secretary of the Ministry of Raimonds Jansons. “We requested the government to provide its available information, based on including and was given a response of Russia”, – said the representative office. According to him, a thorough analysis of communication authorities and the Ministry with all stakeholders.

The demolition of the monument to the nationalists with the permission of the local authorities of Riga in the Latvian foreign Ministry explained by the desire to safeguard the public. “The government acted in the interests of safety of the population, especially given the fact that the object is close to a school,” said Jansons.

Also the representative of the Ministry recalled that in the Latvian-Russian intergovernmental Commission there is a group on humanitarian issues and the issue of demolition of a monument can be discussed in this format.

In late August, the Department of the Latvian nationalist organization Daugavas Vanagi (“hawks of Daugava”) in Limbazi he carried out the liquidation of the monument to Soviet sailors, established in honor of the sailors killed in the city in 1941. Nationalist Association “to Fatherland and freedom / Movement for national independence of Latvia All Latvia!” released a survey of dismantling of the monument.

Duma limbaži region were notified in advance about the intentions of the nationalists to carry the object. In the municipality of limbaži noted that the monument was in disrepair and did not appear in the documents as a monument to the Soviet era. To eliminate the facility and landscaping of the elementary school, where he was from the state budget allocated 8 million euros.

In connection with the demolition of the monument in limbaži, the Russian Embassy in Latvia has sent to the foreign Ministry a note, reported by TASS on August 30. The Embassy recalled concluded in 1994 between the countries of the intergovernmental agreement on social protection of military pensioners of the Russian Federation and their families residing on the territory of the Republic According to this document, the Latvian side has made commitments to provide the care, improvement and preservation of memorial constructions and places of mass burials of the soldiers in the country.

Moreover, in accordance with article 15 of this agreement, the Latvian side committed itself to refrain from uncoordinated unilateral actions on matters governed by this international act. “However, any queries relative to the memorial in the town of Limbazi from the official authorities of Latvia, Latvian non-governmental organizations and local authorities in the Embassy of Russia in Latvia has not been received,” – said the Russian Embassy in Latvia. Action on the demolition of the monument in Riga in the Russian Embassy called unacceptable, demanding an explanation from the Latvian foreign Ministry.

The monument in Riga was erected in the city in 1974 on the territory of the local elementary school. The ensemble was a concrete complex, which may be compared with the nose of the ship stood next to the mast for a flag, marine anchor and anchor chain. In the center was a large granite stone with a plaque.

The monument was dedicated to the 26 sailors of the Baltic fleet, who died July 4, 1941, it was argued, “defending the city” from the Nazis. However, according to the Daugavas Vanagi, referencing archival materials, the sailors died in a battle against Latvian national partisans. In addition, the nationalists, citing archival materials claim that the sailors were engaged in Limbazi looting and violence against the civilian population.

A proposal to demolish the monument, the nationalists were still in September 2015. Then went to Limbazi Russian delegation managed to defend the monument.

The organization Daugava Vanagi (“hawks of Daugava”) – Latvian nationalist, anti-Soviet organization. Was established after the Second world war in a pow camp in Belgium. The founders and members of the organization were former Latvian legionaries SS (national military formation created by the German command during the Second world war in Latvia). The original purpose of the organization was helping veterans of the Latvian SS Legion and their families. The company is actively involved in the marches on the day of memory of legionaries on 16 March.

The Latvian foreign Ministry has explained the demolition of the monument to Soviet sailors in Limbazi concern for the safety of the population 27.09.2016

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