The lawyer of the Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable claims that the police have lost the test materials concerning the attacks on her husband, sociologist Sergey Moss.

“Despite the fact that yesterday journalists from several publications reached out to GU MVD in Moscow and there they were assured that the conducted test events, in fact it was not so. This morning my husband came to the district police Department, where he clearly and unambiguously said the inspection we do not, all transferred in Simonovsky Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office of Moscow. After that, the husband together with the lawyer by Balanchinym went there. Imagine the surprise when the Prosecutor on duty at the reception told them that the test materials, they also have no”, – said the Sable in Facebook.

According to her, the lawyer said adamsin this information in the office of the Prosecutor and the allegation that the audit materials have been received, confirmed. The lawyer of FBK also said that the police do not hurry up to carry out any investigative actions.

“On the fifth day after the attack, none of the police did not have detailed explanations, neither my husband nor the neighbors, saw the attacker, not requested documents from hospitals. About the penetration of criminals in the billing cellular I generally am silent. This campaign, for our cops all the space. In General, the slightest change from yesterday. Trying to distance itself from the case and stupidly did not want to take responsibility for it,” she said.

Wife of the victim sociologist said that he regarded the actions of the police as “deliberate concealment of criminals and reluctance to pursue the investigation.” “In addition to written complaints to the Prosecutor on the fact of inaction of the police today applied to the Investigation Committee for initiating a criminal case”, – she added.

We will remind, Sergey Moss, publisher of the journal “Russian Archaeology of death”, was attacked on Friday, November 25, in Moscow. Unknown was waiting for him at the entrance and was injected with an unknown drug that caused a short loss of consciousness.

One of the original versions of the reasons for the attack was the investigation of the market of funeral services, which conducts Mokhov. Later, Sobol reported that the most likely incident connected with her work.

“My husband talked to the people from the funeral services and now 99% sure that it was not on this line. Plus nature of the attack is too complicated for them, so they usually do not bother much. And they have a “principle” that only attack on its territory. He husband is now leaning towards a version of that for my activities,” said Sobol.

Founder FBK Alexei Navalny linked the incident with the investigation, which was handled Sable: “Today, two days after the incident, all things considered, we believe that this attack is connected with professional activities of Sobol first and foremost its investigation against “Putin’s cook” – Eugene Prigogine”.
“Sobol currently leads our great case against campaigns Prigogine in the FAS. She wrote him a bunch of statements. Lubin activity, exactly, got him in a lot of money – you have to pay more bribes to officials for a favorable outcome of the proceedings on the complaint. Of course we can’t 100% say that the attack is precisely Prigogine and his men. However, the claim that this version should be considered in the first place,” – said Navalny.

As another argument in favor of this version has led opposition to the “apparent reluctance of law enforcement to investigate the case, despite its resonance”.

Eugene Prigogine is known for his large projects in the restaurant business. So, he controlled the company “Concord” has previously acquired the right to execution of the contract on the organization of food services in St. Petersburg and Moscow, including in schools and military units. In January 2016, the FCO described the scheme, which resulted in the company, according to the Foundation, affiliated with Prigogine received contracts for 40 billion rubles to service military camps. The businessman has also been associated with the organization and financing of the so-called Troll factory in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Olgino.

The lawyer of FBK accused the police of Moscow to the loss of materials testing about the attack on her husband 02.12.2016

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