The frontman of the American metal band Trap Them Ryan Mackenna broke both legs during a concert at the festival Bloodshedfest in the Netherlands. Through the pain, he continued to sing. By his courage, the musician was respected heavy metal community, reports NME.

Maccini, characterized by extravagant behavior on stage, was seriously injured when he climbed on the high audio speaker and jumped down. Breaking both legs, he did not leave the stage or the concert.

By relying on established on-stage monitors, the soloist continued to sing. One of the spectators posted video of the incident.

Another fan took and posted the standing on the column Maccini literally a minute before he jump down.

#trapthem about 1 minute before he broke his foot #bloodshedfest #dynamo @trapthem

The leader of the metal band, Trap Them continued to sing after he broke both his legs on stage (VIDEO) 20.10.2016

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