Reindeer named Whitey, who worked as a dog on a lead, Santa Claus, received a serious injury that almost robbed him of the opportunity to go and spend new year’s eve in a tent rehabilitation. The Urals residence of father Frost promised that will not allow Whitey to get bored and will often bring him for holiday photo shoots.

On the website of the residence photo by Whitey on the page of the nursery reindeer – in the halo of their antlers. This deer, according to the description, the youngest of all, who rolls around the world Christmas wizard. He’s shy and humble, avoids fights and inferior treats, for example, frozen squid, your friend Snowflake that secretly adores.

Injured deer got in the summer – came on a walk on a piece of glass and damaged the joint on my left foot. Yekaterinburg news channel toldthat the pain in the foot of a Hare was so strong that he could neither walk nor lie down, but still suffered from high temperature. The vets shrugged their shoulders and claimed that only amputation of the hoof.

On the page of the Urals residence of father Frost in the social network “Vkontakte” States that a Hare was going to send for treatment in the Ilizarov center in Kurgan region. However, it turned out that because of the illness of the deer missed the autumn vaccination, and without them the law to take the animal outside the Sverdlovsk region is impossible. So the doctor had to look at the place.

“There was a veterinary doctor who has agreed to undertake conservative treatment. This most gentle method requires experience and meticulous observance of appointments and terms. And one of the main conditions was a warm room with a stable temperature of 5-7 degrees and under floor heating”, – told in a deer nursery “Interfax”. Because of a sesamoid bone osteomyelitis and septic arthritis Whitey will have three months to spend in the rehab ward. It is assumed that the hot baths, compresses, droppers and physiotherapy will bring back the deer the ability to walk.

“Every day, if the street is not very cold for a few minutes, Whitey will come out to walk and stretch in special insulated boots, so as not to freeze the limb” – promise in the nursery.

According Znak.comthe construction of the insulated chamber rehabilitation cost the cattery “Severnoe Siyanie” in 40 thousand rubles. Temporary home for a Hare were built primarily by volunteers. The work was completed on 20 November.

The leader of the reindeer from the sleigh of Santa Claus misses the New year due to injury (PHOTO) 21.11.2016

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