The leader of the conservative movement SERB gosh Tarasevich (real name Igor Beketov) unknown beat. It is reported page Tarasevich in the social network “Vkontakte”. The photo shows bruises on the face of the beaten activist.

“I give “testimony”, but I don’t remember anything, everything was quickly and unexpectedly, and most importantly, mean ambushed right outside the entrance of the house”, – reported in social networks on behalf of Beketov.

Representatives of the SERB RACE (the Russian liberation movement “South-East radical bloc) in the last couple of years have become famous due to the attacks on the concerted actions of the opposition liberal orientation. For example, Tarasevich poured paint 75-year-old Vladimir ionov, who spent picket at walls of the Kremlin. Activists put up a fight on the site of the memorial of Boris Nemtsov on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge.

Edition “notes that typically, after detentions against members of the SERB does not excite criminal cases, even in cases where the distribution brawlers get the police.

The last time the SERB resonant action is also connected with the pouring member of the organization splashed urine on the photographs of Jock Sturges at the exhibition in Moscow. The activist was arrested for seven days, in the SERB considered excessive punishment for “disorderly conduct”.

The leader of the SERB gosh Tarasevich was beaten by unknown 29.09.2016

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