In the Urals recently appeared cell of a motor club “Night wolves”, called “Irbitsky edge.” The head of the new Department Mikhail Kaygorodov already managed to get involved in the controversy surrounding the performances of the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin, who spoke out publicly against censorship and fight the state for morality.

The leader of the “irbitskiy region” has addressed to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, who has previously called on the head of the “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, better known under the nickname Surgeon, to apologize for his harsh statements addressed to the artistic Director of the Moscow theater. Kaigorodov was advised by the head of the Kremlin press service of the first family to return to Russia, and then to discuss about the cultural values of the country. Sands did not respond to the Board.

First and foremost the head of the Ural cells “Night wolves” expressed their solidarity with the Surgeon about the role of the state in the art, according “There can be such that in the budget the money for our rubles, financed cultural projects, not having anything to do with the world’s morality, nor with the traditional values of our society. Want to do plays about perversion – no problem, look for a private sponsor and let go. But, when it’s done on the budget, it is not normal. That’s about it for my opinion and told the Surgeon” – has clarified Kaygorodov the position of his head.

However, the head of “Irbit region” was released a few sarcastic remarks of the head of the Kremlin press service. “As for the position of press Secretary Peskov, it would seem that, before lecturing the leader of the Patriotic movement of Russia, he would have had to carry out a direct order of the President and the return of all family members Home. And take care of the change of American citizenship of their close relatives. After that, he can discuss the problems of the future of Russia and its cultural values. And now I do not see sense” – cut Kaigorodov.

Sands did not respond to the statement of the representative of the club, reports “Interfax”. “No. I concluded the discussion on this topic and told you about it a few days ago. I have nothing to add,” – said the press Secretary of the President.

From the second marriage Peskov is survived by two sons Mick and Danny, and daughter, Elizabeth. Together with his mother Catherine children live in France. Currently, Sands is married to Russian figure skater Tatiana Navka, which besides the Russian has American citizenship. Athletes daughter from his first marriage, Alexandra is also a US citizen.

Earlier in a dispute with the representative of the Kremlin Surgeon supported the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. The Chechen leader called Zaldostanov “a true patriot, friend and brother.” Kadyrov expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that in Russia there is “a kind of caste”, who feels entitled “to insult the religious feelings of tens of millions of Orthodox Christians and Muslims, saying that art everything is permitted”. The head of Chechnya did not agree with Raikin about the fact that public organizations do not have to “fight for morality in art”

Sands, giving informed comment on the words of the Surgeon, expressed the hope that the leader of “Night wolves” apologize to the artistic Director of “Satirikon”. “I think just the devil lured this young girl who insulted him”, – said Peskov. However, Zaldostanov said that his words will not refuse to apologize not going to because it meant not personally Raikin, and the overall situation in Russia.

Correspondence debate between the Sand and the Surgeon began after the leader of “Night wolves”, commenting on the speech Raikin, made a number of disparaging and rude remarks. “Under the guise of freedom, these Raikin want to turn the country into the gutter, where sewage would flow. To do nothing we will not, and I will do anything to protect us from American democracy”, – said the head of the club. Peskov himself, commenting on the same day as the speech Raikin, said that the state has the right “order theme” artist, but this is not censorship.

Raikin, in his resonant speech at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures in a rigid form expressed about censorship and the struggle of the state for morality, calling colleagues on a creative workshop to protect the exhibitions and performances from the “groups offended”. Separately, the artistic Director of “Satirikon” raised the issue of repeated “attacks on the arts,” noting that he personally believes the ban censorship “greatest event” in the life of the country. In addition, Raikin expressed concern that the authorities distanciruemsa from those people who advocate the closure of exhibitions and cancellation of performances.

The role of artistic Director of “Satyricon” was supported by the Director , Andrey Zvyagintsev, actors Oleg Tabakov and Yevgeny Mironov.

After the speech Raikin held a closed-door meeting of representatives of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and “the Satyricon”. The Ministry on the results of the talks said that the participants agreed to resolve the issues “without the involvement of the media.” In turn, the theatre management announced that the claims Raikin on censorship the Ministry of culture believes are unfounded.

The leader of the Ural cells “Night wolves” Peskov advised the family to return to Russia 01.11.2016

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